What can I do to make this chair presentable?

I can't afford to have it redone right now but it's in very good shape except for the cushion. My grandmother had it upholstered in her favorite color (turquoise) in the 50's and leather has cracked on the cushion. I doubt if the leather can be matched what else can I do. Could I have it covered in a matching print. Also what style is this chair? I have no knowledge of old furniture but I love it, what are those big round feet called?
q what can i do to make this chair presentable, painted furniture, The color looks faded in this picture but it s really very colorful
The color looks faded in this picture but it's really very colorful.
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  • Katie Lloyd Mansfield Katie Lloyd Mansfield on Jul 15, 2014
    If the cushion is detachable, I would make a cover for it in a aqua print that coordinates and leave it be until you can have it upholstered. A slipcover seems like it wouldn't stay put. I can't see the feet but they could be bun feet.

    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 16, 2014
      @Katie Lloyd Mansfield I agree...a slip cover should not be hard to make since this is a simple pattern. And using velcro for the opening, it would not require putting in a zipper! Just make sure you get a strong fabric so it won't sag after a few sittings.

  • GR GR on Jul 16, 2014
    It looks like what we in the UK would call a club chair but I know you have different names for things. The feet are, I think, bun feet. The leather can be painted in chalk paint, I have redone a couple of chairs (one leather and one vinyl) in Annie Sloan and then waxed them and was surprised at how well they turned out, obviously that may not be a long term solution but might tide you over until you can reupholster it. There are loads of tutorials on here and Pinterest. If the seat is loose you could recover that, if you aren't great at sewing (like me) you could wrap fabric round it for now. Good luck with whatever you do, it's a great chair!

  • Jan Varga Jan Varga on Jul 16, 2014
    For a great temporary fix, find a piece of material with a pattern, but a color that is very similar to the rest of the chair, then wrap the cushion like a package and just stitch the ends so it will stay in place - then add a small blanket or pillow of similar colors and live with it until you can get it all redone. You may find that you really like it that way!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 16, 2014
    This is what is known as a club chair because they were used in men's clubs. I love this style because it is always in style! It is worth a temporary fix and then a permanent one later on. Post us your fix.

  • Erica Silver Erica Silver on Jul 16, 2014
    Think Jeanette is correct, it's a club chair with I assume are bun feet. Agree that you might cover the cracked seat and save the project for later!

  • Kelly Kelly on Jul 16, 2014
    I have two suggestions: One, you could replace the top portion only of the cushion with a micro suede or something that would look nice with the existing leather OR two, you could probably find another cushion at a thrift store or flea market. It looks like a standard shape and size. Good luck!