Ugly Trivet Hubby Challenge With Unicorn Spit

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My dear husband said "not everything needs unicorn spit on it". Oh my, the gauntlet was thrown and it was on.
Here is the homely trivet in question. It hasn't matched my kitchen decor in years...First I cleaned it well with denatured alcohol and a paper towel.
Then I sprayed it with two coats of rust-oleum lagoon. Such a pretty blue.
It needed two coats to cover the raised design on it.
Once dry I decided to use the spray method for unicorn spit. You dilute your unicorn spit 7 parts water to 1 part spit. Be sure to use filtered water as tap water can have things in it that doesn't mix well with unicorn spit. The spray bottles you can get at the dollar store or craft stores. You can set the nozzle to different effects of spray - from fine mist to bolts.
First I used midnight blackness and spritzed on a mist
Then I added some blue thunder in a thicker mist.
Next some purple hill majesty in bolts
I was seeing a galaxy at this point so I added some fine glitter and some zia teal. I put the zia teal on my fingers and flicked it onto the wet spit, dropping a bigger splot in one spot. I then used a straw to move the zia teal out a little so it blended more.
After allowing the spit to dry over the weekend (I was away) I gave it two coats of Rust-oleum triple thick glaze, drying in between. I wish I could post a video so the sparkle could be seen better but I guess the video is too large to e-mail from my phone camera.. I know I can't use this as a trivet anymore because I'm sure the seal on it couldn't take heat of any kind, but it's so pretty I'm hanging it up somewhere in my kitchen. Just have to decide where...
Suggested materials:
  • Rust-oleum lagoon spray paint
  • Unicorn spit
  • Fine glitter
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  • Wendy Wendy on Aug 23, 2017
    This is out of this world!! I love it!

  • KatAych KatAych on Aug 29, 2017
    Gorgeous!!! Once I clear off my dining room table (it's currently covered with glass canisters awaiting to be put away in our pantry-- once the new pantry shelves are installed), I'm planning to do a Unicorn Spit/Epoxy application and I can't wait!!!!! Thanks for sharing this -- what an improvement, and it looks great!