Boring Wall Made Beautiful!

Diane Slovinsky Hanley
by Diane Slovinsky Hanley
I so wanted a stone wall in my home but the cost never fit in my budget. After years of wishing I was determined to find a way. I watched a lot of videos on air stone and convinced myself that I can do it. After all the video had a woman laying the stone. When other people laughed when I said I was going to try it that gave me the determination to show them.
I started with a boring wall.
I always wanted to have this wall stoned. The cost of someone doing it for me kept me from having it done. That is until I watched how to videos and got the courage to tackle it myself.
One stone at a time.
I bought Air Stone and the cement for around $500.00. Borrowed some scaffolding from a friend and took a deep breath and began.
It really was't difficult.
It actually was easy. This statement comes from a woman that has nevered laid a stone in her life. Matter of fact,from a woman that has never tackled any diy project in her home.
I was very pleased with the finished project.
Finished and proud!
Guests still are shocked when I tell them that I am the one who did the stone work. The hardest part was cutting the stone. That is only because I believed the manufacturer instructions when it claimed it could be cut with a hack saw. Don't fall for it and find a diferent method for cutting. I even went on and made the cornices too!
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  • Andrea S Andrea S on Jun 20, 2015
    If you plan to replace the blinds with curtain, it will cover the trim. I would wait until the window treatment is done and you can decide if it needs to be painted at all. If it doesn't show under the curtain you may not need to touch it.
  • Diane Slovinsky Hanley Diane Slovinsky Hanley on Jun 20, 2015
    Good idea Andrea. We shall see. Although i plan on hanging them on the moving hooks of the blinds. It may not extend tp cover the wood. Lets start with the curtains. What color? I want to keep my cornices.