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Historic Shed was contacted by a couple who live in the Hyde Park historic district in Tampa to design a garage and guest room for a very unusual lot. Triangular in shape, their small lot was just over 4,500 sf and contained a lovely one-story Craftsman bungalow with less than 1,000 sf. The atypical lot was further constrained by a large protected oak tree on the site, and one on a neighbor’s lot, just over the property line. With Tampa’s strong tree protection ordinances, this left little space to build. Building up was the only real option to maximize the remaining lot space.
After tweaking the design to fit the lot and meeting with Tampa’s Historic Preservation Office and Forestry Department, the resulting project created a 12’x20′ one-car garage with apartment above. A 6’x8′ one-story shed allowed additional storage while accommodating the lot’s shape and giving a visual step down from the two-story volume to the street. The stairs were placed at the rear of the building for privacy with an exterior design that allowed them to encroach within the required oak tree setback.

The building shell was prefabricated in the Historic Shed shop, then delivered to the site for quick assembly.
The exterior of the building was designed to complement the main house, with wide eaves, a low pitched gable roof, and other architectural elements that were inspired by the 1920s bungalow.
A small shed was attached to the side of the garage with a separate entry for additional storage and maximizing the available space on the lot.
The apartment interior was finished with period inspired trim, and tongue and groove ceiling. You can see more interior photos at :
The interior of the apartment, looking towards the bath and rear stairs. The floor is a vinyl laminate that looks like wood, which will wear well for the home based business that the owner will launch from here.
The floor plans.
Architectural details including a beadboard soffit.
The finished product with period-appropriate concrete ribbon driveway.
A view from the front.
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