Boston Ferns & Vacation, HELP

When going on vacation, is there any advise on how to keep from coming home to dead boston ferns? I was considering bringing them inside and placing them in my garden tub with a small amount of water left in the tub.
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  • Patty Rumaker Patty Rumaker on Jun 14, 2013
    Oh, putting them in the tub, what a great idea! I take mine and put them in the garage, and soak them with water before I leave. Now I feel bad, I could have been putting them in the tub and feeding them the whole time.

  • Nancy Hand Nancy Hand on Jun 14, 2013
    Great idea! sun and fun in the tub for the ferns!

  • Barb Rosen Barb Rosen on Jun 14, 2013
    I have a good girlfriend who comes over and waters mine ~ then I water hers when she heads off on vacation too!

  • Mary Richard Mary Richard on Jun 14, 2013
    Fill a two-liter bottle full of water and turn it upside down sinking the top into the soil. It will slowly drain and provide the necessary water.

  • Susan Payne Susan Payne on Jun 14, 2013
    The two-liter bottle full of water sounds good. And still sitting those babes in the tub. I figure it's cooler in the house than out hanging on the porch. Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas.

  • Marilyn Walsh Marilyn Walsh on Jun 15, 2013
    Yes, the first thing I thought about was leave them sitting in a tub. Even up a bit on some bricks or gravel. The evaporation will work for them toward the end of your vacation it the actual water gets to low...!

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jun 16, 2013
    @Susan Payne you could create an inexpensive irrigation of your own, that is temporary. Of course it may depend on how long you are gone. You can fill buckets of water with water then wick it into the pot so that the soil soaks up the water from the wick. No fear of over watering. Others have used their bathtubs in the same way - setting the plants around the tub and wicking to all the pots requiring it. Thanks for posting - you are getting lots of great ideas.

  • Doris Doris on Jun 16, 2013
    maybe put them in little kids old hard plastic swimming pool with some water--perhaps that is a garden tub??

  • Linda @ Mixed Kreations Linda @ Mixed Kreations on Jun 17, 2013
    I have a irrigation system set up with timers for all my flower beds. But I have three large pots that aren't connected, going to try the two liter bottle method.

  • Brenda Boudreaux Brenda Boudreaux on Jun 17, 2013
    put them in a plastic swimming pool with water did this plenty of times came back home to some beautiful plants

  • Susan Payne Susan Payne on Jun 19, 2013
    Thank you everyone. Great ideas. =-)

  • Linda Callahan Linda Callahan on Jul 15, 2013
    The ones I'm concerned about is the ones in a half barrel, not moveable. I'll try the 2 liter bottle idea. Thanks for all the input

  • Shirley Shirley on Apr 02, 2021

    I have a question to those that used a plastic kiddie pool. How much water did you put in the pool and there was no problem with root rot?