Asked on Dec 16, 2018

How can I lift bags of cement of 25kg (55 lbs)?

Swinnen Lisette
by Swinnen Lisette

Hello,I want to put tiles on my garage floor. I have a (minor) problem with this :All DIY shops sell bags of ciment (the glue for the tiles) in bags of 25 kg. You can do 4 to 7 m2 with a bag like that. They cost here 6.20 euros. Only, I can't lift them in my car.. I can lift a bucket of 25 kg, but not a (paper)bag of ciment.I am sure I will not have to search long for a good soul in the shop to help me, but how can I get them out of my car, once I am at home? (no man or woman strong enough). Does anyone have a trick? I can imagine a lot of men and women are strong enough, but also a lot of men an women are like me. I don't want to pay 26-45 ! euros for a bucket of 25 kg just because I can't lift the bags.

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  • Elaine Elaine on Dec 16, 2018

    That’s a problem in the States as well. Two ways to do this - get someone to help unload and put the bags where you can get a bucket under them, or just empty into a 5 gallon bucket at the shop, having either one of the employees help or pulling the bag a bit away from the pallet and emptying into a bucket. It may take a couple buckets, but if you can get the weight down by half, you should be able to pick them up

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Dec 16, 2018

    Been there, done that! I had the store set them in the trunk of my car on an old plastic tablecloth. When I got home I opened each one and transferred half of each bag into a bucket so I could carry it. It took several buckets, but sometimes you can get them for free from bakeries or fast food restaurants. Many food products come in plastic buckets.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 16, 2018

    I'm old so have the same problem. I put a tarp on the carpet in my trunk, then have staff put the bags on the tarp. When I get home, I slit the bag open and put the cement in buckets that I can carry.

  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Dec 16, 2018

    Thank you. I wouldn't be able to half empty a bag in the shop as long as I haven't passed the pay terminal. They wouldn't let me. Also, all the dust it provokes when you empty a bag... I am not ready to do that in my car arriving at home. There must be another way to lift those bags.. It is not really the weight that causes problems, it is the fact that you can't grab them as the bags are so full or even slide them without the risk they being torn up.. you can't pick them up in the middle because they just collapse. (same thing with bags of 40 L garden soil) Normally you have to slide you arms under it and lift them up vertically what I cann't do.

    They shouldn't be that heavy, for no-one.

  • Oliva Oliva on Dec 16, 2018

    Can you have a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth placed in your car, with a 6" section closest to your trunk or liftgate folded under (would be used by you to slide bags onto a sturdy ramp, to drag them from your car)?

    Placing a tarp or additional heavy vinyl tavlecloth between each bag would enable you to grip and drag each bag onto the ramp, for deposit onto your driveway or another tarp.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 16, 2018

    Putting them in back seat/front seat is easier removal can slide them out instead of lifting up & out of trunk,cover it well of course. Buy your self a wheel barrow you can slide bags out of back seat into wheelbarrow then wheel them to where ever you need them. Don't hold the ends of the wheelbarrow handles you'll have more control with heavier loads by stepping inside of the handles holding them closer towards wheel barrow body. You can move huge/heavy loads by yourself like this. Dump bags out of wheel barrow sideways instead of front ways it's easier you don't need to lift the handles up.Roll the bags if you need to move them on ground instead of trying to lift or put/roll them on plastic tarp and drag them. You can probably rent a wheel barrow depending where you live if you don't own one. I'm 5'6" 135lbs and have done landscaping,construction,farm work most of my life moving things that weigh my body weight even more. Just take your time & just because most woman don't have the upper body strength men do, doesn't mean it cannot be done.

  • I have had several back surgeries and understand your dilemma. I have a plastic tarp in the back of the car. Set bags on plastic tarp. When you arrive home, place your wheelbarrow or wagon next to your trunk. Pull the plastic tarp out of the car and let them tumble into your wheelbarrow or wagon. Works best with only one or two bags. I have had to make several trips over a period of several days if I need a lot of something. I have the strength but don't want to risk yet another surgery.

    By off chance do you have a neighbor that might be kind enough to help you out? Sometimes I can get help. There is a fireman that lives across the street from me, but being a fireman, they have crazy schedules and he is on duty when I might have a load.

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    • Understand completely Lisette! Yes we know all about the "yellow vests" as it is receiving a lot of coverage on national newscasts. It is all over social media too. And I am with you about being sympathetic to their cause, and agree the looting and vandalism is uncalled for. There are always a few bad apples in the bunch that spoil it for those that are trying to effect change. Same thing happens here too.

      So sorry for the loss of your husband, and am happy to know you are strong and taking charge of your life. Try to coordinate your shopping adventure around the time your neighbor will be available to help you. Are there any teenage boys or young college men around that you know? That might be another option.

      We have a neighborhood social network called "" Broken down by sections of the city or town or village. People post things like lost pets, vandalism, community events, etc. People also exchange info on professional services like carpenter's, contractors, plumbers and other various tradespersons, etc. Do you have anything like that? If you do, then you can post a request for help. I have done it and typically someone sends over their boys or husband. If it is a few minute task I offer a few dollars for their time. 9 times out of 10 they decline and I offer to help them with something in return.

      Funny you mention the round abouts. A few years back they installed a couple round abouts where I live. Oh my goodness! People were dumbfounded and confused! We had people going the wrong way, (in spite of proper signage and arrows painted on the road), complaining, and just general confusion. My ex husband and I laughed and laughed and didn't understand why people didn't get it. It was fun to watch but scary when people went the wrong way. They adapted but it took longer than I thought it should. I politely suggested they go back and read the drivers manual.

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance or if you just want to chat!