How to remove popcorn ceiling with vacuum?

by Abby

Is there a way to use a vacuum to remove a popcorn ceiling?

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  • Liza Wild Liza Wild on Mar 24, 2016
    I seen a video where a guy duct taped a wider scraper to the attachment of a shop vacation and without wetting he scraped the ceiling and all the mess vacuumed up at the same time! I haven't personally tried this technique yet but it looked like it worked well
  • J Vaught J Vaught on Mar 24, 2016
    I saw a video recently where a sharp-edged tool was securely taped to the end of a shop vacuum so that as the popcorn was scraped away the debris went into the vacuum. Sorry I can't remember the source!
  • Donna Jagielski Kutzer Donna Jagielski Kutzer on Mar 25, 2016
    I also saw on a tv show where they taped an ice scraper to the vacuum and it scraped the popcorn and vacuumed it at the same time. Not much mess and it was done in no time!
  • Ginger Brown Ginger Brown on Feb 06, 2016
    I saw a post where they had a large power tool that both sanded and sucked the dust right into a bag. It was like a vacuum and sander in one.
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jul 23, 2018

    We scraped ours off, but then our neighbors did the same but used a wet/dry industrial vacuum and duct taped the scraper to an attachment of the vacuum that was the same size. It was MUCH less mess. It is hard work, but not difficult to do, if that makes sense. It just takes a good long weekend and lots of sheets to cover the floor/furniture.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Mar 01, 2019

    First, make sure you have them tested to make sure they do not contain asbestos.

    Once that is done, be prepared for a horrible mess if you are going to DIY. You will need to put plastic down to protect floors and any furnishings left in the room. Wear a shower cap so that you don't get it matted into your hair. Saturate a small section, maybe 4' square, with warm water and let it sit. Then scrape. Repeat until it's all gone. Then sand down and paint.

    I have seen a scraper on a pole so that you can stand on the floor and scrape. Also, there is a video where a guy hooked up his shop vac to a scraper to cut down on the mess but not sure where it is. I saw it about 2 years ago. Basically, he used duct tape.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 30, 2018

    There is really only one...messy... way to remove popcorn ceiling.. wet it and scrape it.... I understand that there is a machine that can help... and you might be able to rent one.... it rough scrape/sands and vacuums at the same time...

    In the past I have used a product called Venetian Plaster to go over the scraped off ceiling.... it was easier and less dusty than patching with drywall mud and then sanding... you could put up the faux tin ceiling tiles, bead board or a ship lap type ceiling... it depends on your skill level and budget.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Nov 01, 2021

    I have seen YouTube videos where they used duct tape and attached a scraper to a shop vac. I have never personally done it, I did it the old fashioned way with water and a scraper with lots of plastic to protect everything. Also, wear a hair covering.

  • A vacuum itself won't remove the popcorn stuff, you'll need to either follow many of the tutorials online or hire a pro.

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 01, 2021

    Duct-taped a spackle knife to the end of a vacuum hose then let the machine go to work suctioning up the dust as when scraping away at the ceiling.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Nov 01, 2021

    Be prepared for a dusty messy job, I agree with the others using a a scraper that will work with a wet/dry vacuum. Wear a shower cap and a mask to keep the dust out of your lungs.

    Wetting the popcorn would make it much heavier.

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 03, 2021

    Hi Abbie, hope this helps you out,

  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 12, 2022

    the vaccum picks up the pop corn ceiling that you knock off the vaccum doesn't remove the ceiling itself.

  • Sue Sue on Mar 28, 2023

    The easiest way to get rid of a popcorn ceiling is add a sheet of sheet rock over it . If it has asbestos that would be the only way to diy it safely.

  • Sl.81275761 Sl.81275761 on Apr 22, 2023

    There is a tool made for removing popcorn ceilings. I believe I got it at either Home Depot or Lowe's. It is a long handle scraper with an attachment to hold a bag (I use a regular kitchen garbage bag). Put some drop cloths down, wet a section at a time, maybe 6ftX 6ft. Make sure it's very wet. Wait about 3-4 minutes and start scraping. It come off very easily and is caught in the bag.

    • Sl.81275761 Sl.81275761 on Apr 22, 2023

      Made by Homex. Amazon has it for $17.00. Works great. Because it's wet there is little if any dust.

  • Janice Janice on May 31, 2023

    I've never used the dry method but wish I'd known that was a possible option. I sure would have tried it!

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 25, 2023

    Call inthe experts as could contain Asbestos!