How can I repair my electrical switch plate?


I took my switch plate off a while back because I was doing some touch up painting but I decided until I got around to finishing the job, I'd put another switch plate on, but as you can see, the plate and the electrical unit don't match up. Consequently, I can't use the bottom plug in for my hair dryer that has one of the larger plugs that hangs down beyond the opening -- I don't know what they're called. How can I remedy this? Do I need to call my electrician or can I do something without electrocuting myself? BTW, I have NO skills with anything electrical.

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Dec 05, 2018

    Louise...Unless you know something about change the plugs out and electricity I would call an electrician.

  • William William on Dec 05, 2018

    Turn power off. Remove the cover you will see a screw on top and bottom holding the outlet to the box. Loosen the outlet screws a little until the cover is flush with the outlet. Just a little trial and error.

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    • Louise Louise on Dec 08, 2018

      I watched this video as well as some others that popped up and it seems like an easy thing to do as long as the electricity to the outlet is turned off. 😀 But I do have another question. Is there any chance that if I didn't turn a screw quite tightly enough or turned one too tightly I could create a problem -- like a fire or something -- down the line?  Obviously, I want no chance of that happening! I actually have several outlets that need to be replaced with white instead of the original beige and doing them all myself would be an expense saver.

  • Kathleen Basiewicz Kathleen Basiewicz on Dec 05, 2018

    You can get plug extenders from the hardware store. Easy to use, and with instructions. To be on the save side turn off the electricity to that part of the house. What these is you will take off the face plate, and loosen the 2 screws to the plug on the top and bottom. The spacer folds and fits behind the mounts to the plug which allows the plug to extend outwards. You might need to use more than one behind the mount depending on how far away the face plate sits.

  • William William on Dec 05, 2018

    Yes turn power off at the breaker box for the outlet.