Kitchen Cabinets That Remain Ajar

by Debbie
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Ever since we moved in our house ten years ago, I have had four kitchen cabinets that would not stay closed. They remained slightly ajar no matter what I did. The cabinet pictured was the worse one. It was always open about a quarter of an inch. Even when my kitchen looked great, this little problem always bugged me.
I had tried from time to time to remedy the situation. I would look at videos and do it yourself tips, but could find no solution short of replacing all the hinges. That didn't appeal to me because I have 47 hinges in my kitchen and most of them are fine. I thought of magnets, but couldn't find ones I thought would work. I even asked a cabinet installer and he had no suggestions.
So how did I finally solve my problem? We are thinking of selling our house next spring and I had a cabinet door in the bathroom that wasn't hanging right. I went to Lowes looking for new hinges, thinking the four one that cabinet wouldn't be a hard job. When I had looked in the past, I hadn't even seen a hinge that came any where near to matching the existing hinges, but low and behold, they had some that were very close and were only $2.47 for two. The closest I had come in the past were something like $6.99 apiece. So I got my 4 hinges and went to tackle the awkward hanging door.
As soon as I loosen the screws, the piece on the back shifted in the slot and the door was straight! So I tightened the screw back up and it was perfect, which brings me back to the kitchen. I wondered if the same technique could possibly work there.
So I studied the hinges on the doors that were ajar. When I did I found one hinge that wasn't attached to the cabinet at all (it was on a door I didn't open or close very often). I took the two screws to one of my new hinges and replaced the missing screws. As I did it occurred to me that when the screws on the bathroom cabinet were loosened I was able adjust the placement of the screw and fix the loose door. Would that some how work for these contrary cabinet doors. I loosen all three hinges just very slightly and guess what? The door closed and stayed closed!
I proceeded to do the same to the other doors that would not stay closed and low and behold, it worked. I had always thought the hinges were defective and too tight, but who knew such a simple thing could solve the problem! I am delighted! For the first time in ten years, all the cabinet doors close and stay closed.
I was so excited that I just had to share. I bet there are other people with this type of cabinet that was so popular in the early nineties, with similar problems.
So before you give up and replace all your hinges, try this little tip!
A door that stays closed!
Suggested materials:
  • Phillips head screw driver   (Had on hand)
  • 2 new screws   (Lowes)
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