How to Make Cottage-Style Burlap Christmas Trees

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I have seen trees made from everything while looking on online. I had this old burlap coffee bag sitting around waiting to have something done to it, so I decided to make some Christmas trees with it.

They are nothing fancy and I didn't even use the sewing machine. I just used hot glue but you could sew these or use material glue. I knew I wouldn't be washing them.

DIY burlap bag Christmas tree

Tools and materials:

  • Old burlap coffee bag
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stuffing
  • Spindle
  • Muslin
  • Old jewelry
  • Small cheese box
Old burlap coffee bag and scissors

Here is my old coffee bag I had.

Cutting the burlap bag into triangles

1. Cut & glue the burlap bag

My pattern is a little crude but it all came out good in the end. First, I cut out my shapes and hot glued the front and back together, leaving a hole to fill them with stuffing.

Stuffing the Christmas tree

2. Stuff the Christmas tree

I used my spindle to put the stuffing in. You could use a dowel or stick also.

Gluing the spindle to make the trunk

3. Glue the spindle

Then I glued my spindle trunk into the tree.

Embellishing the DIY Christmas tree

4. Embellish

I tore some muslin and old fabric into strips, made a bow, hot glued them onto the top side of the tree, and attached an old piece of jewelry to that.

Burlap coffee bag Christmas tree

5. Glue the tree to the stand

I glued the trees into some old small cheese boxes I had and filled them with some greens.

Burlap Christmas trees

These cute burlap Christmas trees together so fast and they fit right in with my cottage farmhouse-style home.

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Suggested materials:
  • Burlap   (had)
  • Stuffing   (had)
  • Fabric   (had)
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