Stripping Veneer EASY

I was working on a Make Up Vanity that someone had spray painted all of it. That stuff is hard to strip so I opted to paint it. I like wood tops but I was in a hurry. After I painted it I saw the big bubbles in the veneer. I wanted to stain the top originally. And they glue the veneer down. You can re-activate the glue by heating it. I used a 5-1 tool, heat gun. The paint stripping guns. I found one years ago at a garage sale. I heated the bubble and used the 5 -1 tool
To strip it. It took 15 minutes. At first I was going to spray it down with water and try to pop it but the fun is quicker and faster and cleaner. 15 minutes vs. the 3 days I spent the time before. Less damage, less mess. End results easy!
Bubbled veneer
Heat gun I heat it and use the 5-1 tool to strip it.
See the water stain where I first thought I would use water
Totally stripped. 15 minutes
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