Ideas to close gap between door panel and sliding door

by Victoria
The dog door panel I bought at Home Depot is great for the dog and cat but leaves gap between it and my sliding glass door. Ideas for winter cold

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  • Kim Kim on Feb 28, 2018

    Oh, wow! Ive not had one that left a gap, and I know how helpful it is to have the dog door available for our pets. Is it possible for you to post a picture so we have an idea of what your dealing with?

  • Rymea Rymea on Feb 28, 2018

    We used stick on foam insulation. Get the softest one you can find

    • Victoria Victoria on Mar 01, 2018

      I still use the slider to go in/out and did try foam insulation/weatherstripping but peeled off when door opened/closed.

  • DSk28633235 DSk28633235 on Mar 01, 2018

    Yes, same as Rymea. I used weatherstripping with one pretaped side (comes in rolls) and at times, taped two together.

  • Here is one of mine. I wonder why? Can you post a photo?