What can I do to cut the draft on my window sills?

by Jnc8462980
  9 answers
  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Nov 30, 2017

    I buy foam and cut it into strips and stuff it down between the cracks between the window and the seal. It seems to help.

  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 01, 2017

    caulk any gaps around the window trim- i found a 3 inch by 1 inch hole above my drapes. check all pieces of the trim..doors as well. you can use bubble wrap on the window panes cuts down on convection. and then use a shrinkable window film.

    check window sills from the bottom, i figure if my fingernail can get in a gap, it needs caulk. check the trim on the doors as well.

    my next project is to insulate the water heater-original to the house in 1952. ..its electric....i'm just not sure how much it will help...

  • Joanna Smith Joanna Smith on Dec 01, 2017

    Bubble wrap is a miracle worker, both ON the glass and closed under the window. Spray the glass with a mister, then smooth wrap onto glass. For the other issue, just open the window, slide some wrap in and close the window. Lock it,too, for extra tightness.

  • Alice Elaine Lord Alice Elaine Lord on Dec 01, 2017

    If you have metal or vinyl windows they have a weep hole on the outside. I take aquarium tubing and slice it in half to replace the weep hole covers on the outside. It also stops the dirt and water from blowing in.

  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Dec 01, 2017

    I added block out fabric to the back of my natural roman shades.

  • Emily Emily on Dec 01, 2017

    Don't know why this never occurred to me before but this year when I decorated the greenhouse window, over my sink, I added a red draft dodger on the outside of the window sill (inside the greenhouse window)! You say specifically that it is a draft at the sill.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 02, 2017

    you can silicone around all your trim to help keep ou air from blowing in! But since I’m a woodworker/ handyma by trade. I took off all my inside trim. Then you can see gaps from the outside of your house from inside and you can silicone thise gaps from the inside of you house. Then I insulated all the way around my window casing and reinstall my trim. It’s more work and time, but you have a very nicely sealed window when you’re done! Ever noticed outing your hand on the window seal and it feeling really cold to the touch? That’s the cold air getting inside your wall making everything cold! All my window and door jams and casing are all warm now and no cold air getting inside my wall nor in my house! Older houses especially can have 4 inch of space around windows and the window trim is hiding those gaps! You may be shocked what you see when you pull off your window and door trim and see all the space for air to come blowing in right around your windows and doors!

  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Dec 04, 2017

    What about covering the window with bubble wrap making sure to cover over the seams. You can just spray water on the glass to make the bubblewrap stick.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Sep 01, 2022

    Use newspaper pushed into the cracks if you have nothingelse.