Turn a funky patterned dress into a unique lumber pillow.

You know when you buy something because you love the fabric, not because it actually looks good Get tutorial here

Dress up basic flower pots with dress shirt pockets

These cuties make a sweet personalized gift or a great addition to your garden. Get tutorial here

Stash your knickknacks in clean and cute denim wall storage

Keep using the pockets, long after you’re finished with the jeans. Get tutorial here

Store toys in colorful crate stools made from old t-shirts

The padded lid is the perfect place to rest when the kids get tired of playing! Get tutorial here

Cover up ugly candle labels with an cozy sock

Finally something to do with all those lonely socks you’ve been holding on to! Get tutorial here

Quilt a one-of-a-king picnic blanket from old jeans

Can’t decide on a pattern? No problem. It’s reversible! Get tutorial here

Keep it clean with eco-friendly, CDC-approved disinfecting wipes made from old clothes

Add an essential oil with antibacterial properties for a fresh scent and extra cleaning power. Get tutorial here

Keep your fingers toasty with hand warmers made from flannel scraps

Just pop ‘em in the microwave for 30 seconds to get rid of the chill. Get tutorial here

Weave a whimsical basket from denim ribbons

I love a storage solution that doubles as decor! Get tutorial here