Small family water heater money saver

Put a on/off set of trippers on a timer that operates your water heater. They make them for the 220 volt, and I jury rigged one to operate a gas one. The little ones that run on 110, can use the simplest ones. The key here is not expected. You want the water heater to store cool or tempered water, NOT hot. When HOT the maximum heat is lost. So. for instance, you rise at 7 am, shower and go to work. Set the timer ON at 6:30, OFF at 7. Now you will shower with the stored hot water but it will not reheat till the next cycle. Now you come home at 5, and start to prepare dinner, run the dish washer etc. Set a second set of trippers ON at 4, OFF at 5. Now, all night it will store tepid water. This will not work well for large family's, with children or a very convoluted schedule. Saves a lot. When we remodeled, the new bathroom was a long ways from the water heater, so I put a 4 gallon, 110volt operated, directly under the sink in the new bath. However, for the shower/tub, ran that from the main water heater. MY favorite comment. They do NOT make hot water heaters. They only make COLD water heaters, why on earth would you want to heat hot water?????

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  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Dec 02, 2017
    Sounds very economical.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 02, 2017
    You make a lot of sense. We have two sinks in our bathroom, on opposite sides of the room. But I seldom use the hot water in my sink. By the time I’ve washed my hands, the water is still cold. It takes up to 3 minutes for the hot water to hit the shower. Then there is plenty. But my husband shaves in hot water at his sink. So we waste a lot of hot water. A small hwh would really help him. And timers would have to be expanded a little more than yours, but the principle still applies. Thank you for this information about cold water heaters! 😇

  • Ha! I want your job! Get up at 7 am???? Sleeping in on the weekend is 6am. I get up at 4 am, drive 2+ hours, work 8 am to 6 pm (on a good day), then drive another 2+ hours home - unless it is raining, then double the commute each way . . .

    Sounds like a great money saver! Have you calculated how much it does save you? Can you post a photo of your set up? I have a gas water heater and wonder how much rigging this would take and still meet local code?

    • Russbow Russbow on Dec 03, 2017
      Sorry, I do not know how to get a photo from my OLD digital camera into my pc, and we do not have cell phones. However, My gas water heater is such that it has to have a powered VENT, as there is no place, within the code, to vent the gasses. So I simply put the timer on the blower vent, as the heater will not work, until the blower starts up first. If you do not have a blower for the vent, I don't think it would work for you, unless yours does require electricity for something to work.

  • William William on Dec 02, 2017
    Too many negative reviews on water heater timers. The water cools down in the water heater. When it turns on it will run longer to bring the cool water up to temperature. While without a timer it only turns on when there is a water temp drop of 4 to 5 degrees meaning shorter run time. Water heater timers are subjective. It's like giving somebody a placebo and telling them it will work. Best would be to insulate the tank and water pipes. Both hot and cold.

  • Leah Leah on Dec 02, 2017
    Best way to save money, turn down the temp. Then do not turn the cold on as much during winter. I like it really hot for a bath, and it is still hot enough. Dish washer have heaters any more, so 160 temp no longer needed.