Asked on Jan 09, 2018

Other uses for for non skid shelf liner

by Angelia.mims
I have alot of excess non skid shelf liner. Its too much to just throw away. I would really like to resuse it. Does anyone have any ideas to share, i would love to hear them. Thank you in advance for your help
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  • Lin28651572 Lin28651572 on Jan 09, 2018

    They can be used to line drawers, hold down placemats, cut into squares or circles to help grip & remove jar lids - - - -

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jan 09, 2018

    Drawers...bins...I use on small table at back door where husband comes in to plug in phone, drop change, keys and etc. It's just a catch all for him plus it he misses the charger holder or bowl the table does't get scratched. Kinda like a doily but works better for him!

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jan 09, 2018

    I used to put it under my grandsons booster seat so it wouldn't slide around on the wooden chair. Also, it's great to put under a slippery rug to keep it from sliding around. I don't like using it as a shelf liner, because after a couple of years, it's a bear to scrape it off.

  • Ann Ann on Jan 09, 2018

    I use it for all of the above, anyplace where I don’t want something to slide. I ALWAYS have some in my car...lying flat on the floor to hold food dishes (pies,cakes), Also under sewing machine and its foot pedal, loose boxes in the car, shelf liners for heavy items or closet items on a top shelf to avoid head injuries, under a ladder or stepstool. Glad you asked!

  • Karen Lee Karen Lee on Jan 09, 2018

    Give to local Group Homes or Nursing Homes. It is excellent to put under Wheelchair cushions to keep them from slipping. And, I use it to make my own Jar lid opening grippers, just cut up in 6x6 pieces, give to friends too.

  • Emily Emily on Jan 09, 2018

    Don't know where you live but seeing some empty wrapping paper tubes this Xmas made me think of this project. You know how there are double sided draft dodgers now? That is two tubes filled with insulating material and covered in fabric that allows a doors width between the two tubes. So there is one insulation for each side of an exterior door. I wonder if your shelf liner couldn't be used in them?

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jan 09, 2018

    So many uses around my house! These ( washed disinfected) mats and yoga mats are fabulous to repurpose.

    I love to use to use my extra remnants for layer liners inbetween my vintage enameled cast iron cookware set to prevent chipping. Between the everyday Teflon fry pans too and some ceramics and porcelain. I have two wooden dining room chairs stacked seat to seat in my garage with the padded liner to prevent scratches ir contact damages.

    Also on my art table which is actually an variable angle drafting table as it snuggly holds articles to paint and craft.

    Inside my baskets that hold potatoes and onions.

    Under my XXL dog bed in the back of the SUV to keep the dog happy.

    Im sure I have other ideas Im not thinking of.

  • I used my leftovers in my husband's Snap-On tool box. It keeps his wrenches and other tools from sliding around in the drawers. He loves it.

  • Chere' DiValerio Chere' DiValerio on Jan 11, 2018

    I wrapped the handle of my oven door so my kitchen towels don't slide off; used to keep my tablet and laptop from sliding around on the lapdesk; as grippers for placemats; and for coasters that stay dry and don't stick to glass bottoms. I even put 3 layers on the back of a clock that ticked too loudly. My mom and dad used them in their trailer to keep knick-knacks from moving during travel and silverware trays from sliding to the back of drawers.

  • Gail Gail on Jan 12, 2018

    Under lamp bases to prevent scratches on table or dresser tips. Wrap clothes hangers with strips cut from this & clothes stay on hangers.

  • Tammy Long DeBoard Tammy Long DeBoard on Jan 12, 2018

    I made puff balls out of yarn and attached to the shelf liner and made a bath mat super cute but i dont have a pic

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 13, 2018

    If you sew, use it as fillers for placemats or pot holders...or hot plates!

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 13, 2018

    If you make them, please post them!

  • Carol Caurdy Carol Caurdy on Jan 13, 2018

    I put it in my crisper drawers in the refrigerator.


    If you have a picture on the wall that keeps shifting cut a small piece and put behind it.

  • Jeanette Kent Jeanette Kent on Jan 14, 2018

    The only thing that comes to mind at the moment would be to cut it to the size of a tray cloth so that things on the tray don't slip when you are carrying things. If you have even sized holes or big enough holes in the mesh you could allow a four- year-old to do some "sewing" if you can find a darning needle that's big enough. Some old wool and a bit of creativity and your child can "sew" while you "sew

    ". This could be expanded to create a more difficult project for an older child who could make patterned placemats if you like. Enjoy!

  • Doc Doc on Feb 06, 2018

    Small pieces glued to tools make them non slip. Extra grip on a screwdriver always helps me.

  • Oha32378040 Oha32378040 on Feb 06, 2018

    Non slip shelf liners are great for many uses! I use it under my sewing machine to prevent it from moving around on my dining table - total success for 15+ years. I use 2 layers cut a bit larger than my sewing machine presser foot to prevent it from 'traveling' while I'm sewing - it works on wood floors or carpeting. To repair a pair of indoor slippers that were fraying on the fabric soles I glued several layers of the shelf liner (using Shoe Goop - very stinky - use outdoors!) to the bottom of the soles. They have held up for up almost 3 years; I do wash them in the washing machine but air dry only - no hot dryer. I also use it to wrap fragile items when storing - christmas ornaments, small decorative glass knick knacks, etc. because it's less bulky & awkward than using bubble wrap. Additionally, when I needed some furniture pads to prevent damage to a wood floor I cut several layers in the exact shape of the leg bottoms, glued the layers together with E6000 (also stinky - use outdoors!) and applied them to the underside of the furniture legs with a bit of E6000. Furniture cannot be successfully dragged if it's necessary to move because that liner seriously prevents dragging. Using the same technique it's been a lifesaver when patio furniture no longer has the plastic inserts on the leg bottoms. I generally glue a piece of cardboard to the bottom and then a couple of layers of the liner. Anything that prevents that horrifying noise which chairs or tables make being dragged around by my kids is a miracle. Metal scraping against concrete is ear shattering. Also outdoors I glue a layer for planters or buckets that I want to 'stay' in a particular place or on a particular shelf. Finally, I glue it to the bottom of room trash cans - especially helpful for keeping bathroom cans upright! I've also taped pieces of the liner together to make a pad for area rugs (only runners or welcome mat size). Did I mention that I wash those rug pads every once in a while? They always come out clean & fresh - again no dryer.

  • Tina Neuschwander Tina Neuschwander on Feb 08, 2018

    I lined my refrigerator glass shelves with it.

  • D D on Aug 15, 2020

    My rv has it on the door window keeps sun out and for privacy. I think the original owner glued it to the window maybe with modge podge. I'm trying to figure out if the person used white glue or modge podge. Need help

  • Patty Patty on Aug 15, 2020

    I use it under throw rugs, to line drawers, to keep things from rolling around (anywhere). You can also paint with it.

  • Faye Faye on Jan 06, 2024

    I like woodworking and use non slip shelf liners when sanding. When I use the power sander, I put the pieces I am sanding on the liner so they don't move, or like the small ones would, go flying across the room.

    I am thinking about making some pot holders as someone else suggested but wonder how they would withstand the heat. Would love to hear others thoughts on this.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 06, 2024

    I put them under my cutting board because it slips on my countertop.