Use caster oil to get rid of gophers

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  • Christina Christina on Mar 05, 2011
    I buy the castor oil at walmart for $2.76 a bottle. It is located in the laxative section. It takes 3 bottles to half fill a garden sprayer that attaches to a garden hose. I then spray the infested area. I have found that the hose attatched to the hot water faucet, for the washing machine, works better than cold water. The oil mixes easier with the hot water. When you look at the ingredients in gopher repellent it always has castor oil in it. This way you have straight castor oil and not all the other wasted ingredients. Spray it in the direction you want the pests to go to. They hate the smell and taste so they leave. So far it has 18 months and they have not come back to my yard but has attacked the yards next to me. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  • James A James A on Mar 05, 2011
    Good idea. There's a lot of folks totally frustrated with gophers and short on ideas. I know when my mom brought out the Castor oil I hauled.