Getting "Playful" With Modern Masters Front Door Paint

We are featuring our guest blogger, the talented Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky. Debbie recently had a home entrance project for her own home and she used our new Front Door Paint! Read on to see what Debbie has to say about her own Front Door Paint transformation.
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
Here is Debbie's before shot of her front door. She felt it was due for an update as she had it for years in this color. Through her experience as a faux finisher for many years, she felt confidence in choosing a fun and trendy new color for her front door.
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
Supplies she used:

• Front Door Paint: Modern Masters Front Door Paint.

Primer: Zinsser Cover Stain Primer also found at Lowe’s

• Tools: Paint pan, low-nap paint roller, 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for water-based paint and if needed, a 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for oil-based paint and paint thinner

• Incidentals: Razor blade, Tape, Rags, Stir sticks, Screw Driver or Drill, Dropcloth or Newspapers, Step Stool
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
STEP ONE: Pick good weather, between 40-90 degrees. Front Door Paint dries quickly but do allow drying time so that you can close the door without the paint sticking.

Wash off dirt and grease with detergent and let dry. Remove loose paint. Remove all of the numbers and hardware from the door.
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
STEP TWO: Tape off the hinges and glass. A tip for hinges is to tape over them and use a razor blade to remove the excess.
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
STEP THREE – Only if your door is already painted in oil-based paint.

Use your oil brush and Zinsser primer to cut in recessed areas on the wood door and to paint the storm door. Use the roller to paint the flat panels if you choose. Clean up using paint thinner. Follow drying instructions on the container, but my primer dried in about 30 minutes.
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes

Switch to your water-based paint brush and paint two coats of Front Door Paint. Brush in the direction of the grain.


Wash your brushes in soap and water, re-install hardware, and step back and enjoy your gorgeous results!

Didn't it turn out beautiful?! What a transformation, and we love how beautiful the "playful" color pops with that gorgeous purple hue. Be sure to get all the instructions from the wonderful Debbie Hayes with My Patch of Blue Sky by hopping on over to our Modern Masters Café. We'll see you there!
Photo Credit: Debbie Hayes
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  • Mary Cruise Mary Cruise on Jul 25, 2014
    Thanks for all the instructions...I'll follow you on line Debbie!

  • Janice Janice on Aug 09, 2020

    Love the door and how you also painted the storm door in the same color so they blend together so well to make a huge impact on the front of your home! Great instructions, too!