Ideas needed to use these drapes for updated look in MB

These are PB wall to wall draperies. They are so heavy looking. Would love to use them as fabric for a different look.
I have average sewing talent.
q ideas needed to use these drapes for updated look in mb
q ideas needed to use these drapes for updated look in mb
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  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 07, 2018
    The picture is odd - what are the drapes hiding? I think I see two windows and something hanging on the wall. For a different look, try tie-backs. You can get fancy with a nice wide ribbon and some tassels if that's your thing. You can also edge the drapes with the same ribbon. Fabric glue!!!! if you don't want to sew. Some standing greenery (silk or real, since I see you have fur babies) would lend a nice soft touch - or you could hang a few decorative pots from the ceiling in front of the windows. Another updated idea would be to paint that wall a different color. The partially open drapes will get a whole new look from that, too.

    • Susie Susie on Jun 07, 2018
      painting that wall is a great idea.
      The picture is actually a mirror. When drapes are open I usually do use tie backs that match another set of shams.
      I would Love to leave them open all the time but still need privacy.
      Thanks for the ideas.

  • Pat Russell Pat Russell on Jun 07, 2018
    How about a valance of print fabric using the colors in your other decor and then add a wide band at the bottom? I mean about 12 to 18 inches wide so it shows distinctly. Since (with the covered area outside) you keep your drapes open a good bit of the time, why now add the band along the sides as well, but less wide? Not difficult sewing, you just need room to spread the drapes out! Have some fun with the colors and print.

    • Susie Susie on Jun 07, 2018
      Thanks for the ideas. I need to shorten them a bit and could do that when putting the trim on the bottom.
      Thanks for the idea.

  • Pat Russell Pat Russell on Jun 07, 2018
    It's me again - the fabric glue from Jan is great!

  • Lauren of Mom Home Guide Lauren of Mom Home Guide on Jun 07, 2018
    I think I have the same curtains as you do. I used Velcro to add accent ribbon to my curtains. You could also try stenciling your curtains -- you can search for a tutorial online. (There's probably one here on Hometalk.) This is what I did to my curtains:

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    • Lauren of Mom Home Guide Lauren of Mom Home Guide on Jun 07, 2018
      Good luck with your project! :)

  • Pinkflmgo626 Pinkflmgo626 on Jun 07, 2018
    If you want something to lighten them a bit, why not stencil an all over pattern with white paint that could be lacy or grecian or floral or stars etc. you could also use a sheer drape on top of these instead of underneath as they usually are. That is what I’ve done in my bedroom as I did make the darker curtains myself from a canvas cloth & I really didnt want them showing. The sheers really soften the look & no sewing was involved. I got them on clearance at Tuesday MornIng. Best wishes!

  • Emily Emily on Jun 07, 2018
    You could also take ribbons the colors of the fabric on the pillows (green and blue) and sew them in a criss-cross pattern on the draperies. You have a nice view and it seems a shame not to see that . Could you also have draperies open so the door and window show, and over those (door/window) hang full but sheer white curtains?

    • Susie Susie on Jun 07, 2018
      That was one thought I had. We love the blackout but could do without.
      Thank for responding.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 07, 2018
    We also have a privacy issue. Sheers on tension rods at the top and bottom have worked for us. Also that cling-on plastic window cover is great. It comes in a nice diffused light effect that lets light in but you can't see in. I think it's available in a lot of places. Just Google! Cheers!

  • Pam Seibel Lentz Pam Seibel Lentz on Jun 19, 2018
    I would paint the walls a More neutral color like Sherwin Williams accessible beige which is a taupey color and shorten The curtain rod so that the curtains only treat the window. Use frosty glass spray paint and a template to frost the door window or you can purchase colorful window film as well to provide privacy from the door. I think the curtains look so heavy because you are covering the whole wall and they appear pretty dark.

  • Kathy G Brown Kathy G Brown on Jun 19, 2018
    I would put Sheers on the door that just cover the window area. If that doesn’t give you enough privacy then a pull down pretty shade.
    I would take that curtain rod down and put up one that just covers the slider or big window (can’t quite tell what it is) and put up sheers and then some blackout curtains.
    We just moved into a house that had these heavy looking curtains. I took them all down and put up grommet style blackout curtains on a pretty color and it looks so much lighter.
    Good luck!

  • Grizzoid Carter Grizzoid Carter on Jun 19, 2018
    Try stenciling the curtains in some decorative pattern or lay them flat, tape off horizontal chunky lines and paint with fabric paint a different color than the drapes. Draws the eyes to different colors and the horizontal strips can make room look larger as well

  • Dee Dee on Jun 19, 2018
    They are very nice drapes, but you are right they look heavy. How about using blinds or grass shades on the windows and putting the drapes to the sides with tie backs. I think the room just needs to lighten up a bit.

    I would suggest dying the drapes but they may not come out even because of the large quantity of fabric. You could try a ribbon trim on the drapes and attach wit stick witchey so there would be no sewing. Or you could stencil the edges with paint.

  • Heje Heje on Jun 19, 2018
    How about putting coordinating fabric colors taken from the pillows in strips between strips cut from the drapes. It would be a striped effect and pull in the colors of the bedding. Another thought would be to paint the rods to match the wall so that they stand out less.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 25, 2022

    Attach lace fabric for a lighter look which could be drawn back separately or together.