Asked on Dec 23, 2019

Is it possible to paint the grids in a window?

by Melanie

We are buying a home soon thats going to fill all my Magnolia Design feels. Its a southern architecture style home with white siding, red brick and a large front porch. I would love to do some slight updates to the exterior to make it "pop" a little more with curb appeal. I am thinking about a Black Front Door, with Black Trim around it. This house comes with upgraded windows that have the Grid lines Inside the window panel. I really want to see if can change those white Grid lines inside the window and the trim around it to black as well. Is it possible to DIY that color change to the Grid lines inside of window from white to black or does this task require a professional?

Wife asking before she puts this task on her hubbies "to-do" list. (tehehe)

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