Lost in the 50's Again

Toni Hunton
by Toni Hunton
What is it with brown drab ? It must have been a 50's through 70's thing for sure.
Managed to snag this one for $15 at a yard sale.
I tried selling it as is for $50,and have been sitting on it for 3 weeks now.
Okay............................face lift it is.
Drawers out,handles off,onto the work table with you !!!
Figures,you take it's clothes off and it's missing something.........one of the feet was split right up the middle and barely hanging on.

It's okay though,Dave has a woodshop,so all I did was measure out the foot size,go back and rummage round a bit,find a good piece of 2 x 4,cut and sand her done,and done!!
Drilled a pilot hole through the new foot,as the old feet had been put on with nails,so rather than change them all to screws,I simply found a long nail in Dave's extra's bucket and drove it home.
I made sure I matched it up with the existing hole on the dresser,so that is why it is off center a bit.
I like the old handles but am not sure if they will go with the final look,so I set them to the side to finish the dresser first.
I did the drawers in a cream that I had,then once dry,gave them a rub down with a stain called Black Bean.

Not real sure if they know over here that it was supposed to be darker than it came out,but it's okay,will let them slide.
The unit got 2 coats of white after a quick sand so the paint would stick.
Now,people have been asking for black.

Personally,I don't care for it,but went ahead and did it.

I didn't have any black paint at all,and that Black Bean stain wasn't dark enough either.

I did however,have some blackboard paint,so thinned it down a little with some turpentine,then rubbed the whole thing down then wiped some of it off.
I ended up trying several different handles,but as you can see,the old ones went back on,and it actually works.

The stone wash look over here is new to them,old in the states,but new here.

20 years behind the times.....nothing changes....LOL.
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  • Jane Fiedler Jane Fiedler on Apr 02, 2016
    Did the stonewash bring out the colors in the handles?

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