Repurposed Headboard Into Bench With Barn Wood Seat

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I have wanted to make a bench from a headboard for a very long time. We had a recent yard sale and my daughter had this headboard and footboard she had brought over to sell. I was secretly hoping it wouldn't sell, shh don't tell her. Well it didn't so I bought it from her. Now to talk the hubby into helping me with this incredible project. That was sarcasm because i was pretty sure he wouldn't be that impressed. But he always is willing to give it a try and even he had to say "I kinda like it. "

Here it is finished! It is so fun not only for extra seating but for my plants.

Here is the headboard the footboard is behind it. I didn't get a good picture of that. But you get the idea.

We cut the footboard in half to make two sides.

And then we attached both of the "sides" to the headboard. We just screwed them in from the back of the headboard legs into the footboard. It is pretty solid.

We had some old barnboard I had found out back of our property that I knew I would want to use someday. We decided to use that as the seat.

We cut the barn wood to size and attached it with screws to the sides and the back of the headboard.

It was so easy, it did require two of us to do this project as the pieces were so heavy. It still needs painted but I am loving it! How about you?

Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (Had)
  • Headboard   (Yard sale)
  • Footboard   (Yard sale)
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  • Meredith Michener Meredith Michener on Sep 15, 2021

    Is there any sort of support bracing under the seat or is it just screwed into the back and sides? Looks great! I’d love to try this, I am just concerned about the screws holding people weight after some use.

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