How to Clean Blinds - the Easy Way!

20 Minutes

Getting the Spring Fever itch? Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with an easy way to clean those icky blinds.
This method is for faux wooden blinds. I've updated the blog post for additional tips on other style blinds. Visit: to see more tips on how to clean REAL WOOD blinds and fabric blinds!
Try vinegar and water or for really tough stuck on grime - bleach and water. Dawn dish soap and water works great as well!! I lay these out in the sun to dry. Again, for WOOD blinds, check out the blog post. We go through the whole process.
Broken slats can be repaired easily by swapping it out for a perfectly good one on the bottom.
Swap out slats using the same technique used to shorten blinds. Pop off the plastic buttons on the bottom of the blinds.
Remove the pull cords up to the broken slat. Replace the slat with one from the bottom.
Re-thread the pull cord through all slats, replace plastic buttons on the bottom and presto!!

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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Sheree
    on May 11, 2019

    What happen when u can’t take the blinds down and they need to be clean what can I use

    • Gabrielle Falk
      on May 2, 2020

      I have a pair of 'micro fibre' type cleaning gloves. They have a slightly more textured surface, than a cloth. Use a mixture of water with lemon oil - either buy the essential oil and put a good few drops in a spray bottle, with water. Or make your own by putting lemon (or lime, or orange) skins in a jar of water - soak for about 2 weeks- then use the mixture. I don't use a lot of water, so as to make the solution stronger. It's extremely difficult to remove my blinds, so I clean them insitu - I put an old bath towel underneath to catch the drips. If they are really dusty, best to give a quick go over with a duster first, to reduce extra cleaning time. Did this about a year ago, and they were so clean. But now, of course, they need doing again.

  • Sabrina Wikle
    on May 21, 2019

    The strings on my blinds don’t open and close the blinds, how do I fix this?

  • Teresa
    on Aug 29, 2019

    How much of bleach would you think, half water and half bleach

    • Lumberman's daughter
      on Nov 8, 2019

      i don't use bleach as it weakens the strings and they fall apart but i use a cup of clear ammonia, a splash of any dish washing soap or laundry detergent , and soak all my blinds at once in real hot water until i can get my hands in water without burning them.. an old hand towel swishes the dust and dirt away after the soak gets everything loose.nndrain, rinse with cold water in tub or use shower to rinse.i have hand held shower head so i do extra rinse then hang over a railing, over a couple of old towels underneath..they drip dry or you can wipe down with another old towel(never throw away old towels!!! my one big blind that didn't fit in tub i sprayed with my cleaning solution , both sides ,swished the wet with solution towel over and rinsed with hose

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  • Lora Taylor Hyatt
    on Nov 5, 2018

    My vinyl blinds, I have 2 heavy duty command hooks up high on the long wall of my tub wall. Hang them up spray them down on both sides with Clorox cleanup or Awesome cleaner. Let them sit for a few minutes then spray them down with my hand shower nozzle with very warm water. Let them sit and drip for a little bit then hang them back up to dry.

    • Lora Taylor Hyatt
      on Oct 3, 2019

      INDEED they do! 👍🏼

      Here is my latest set up for my long blinds that won’t fit in the tub, and also don’t have to worry about using my Clorox clean up and making an 😬 oops ! Water hose works makes it so great!

      besides getting a nice cooling mist on a hot day 😂😂

      its still in the 90’s here in Arkansas

      Took them outside to the deck and hung them on the outside of the railing, fast wash , fast dry! 👍🏼

      I just used a couple of wide grosgrain ribbon with Velcro attached on the end ( the kind that are used to bundle blankets that you buy) , extra secured the Velcro with a safety pin to be safe but I can move the ribbons anywhere I need them.

  • Sadiemarie1230
    on Jan 5, 2019

    I take the blinds outside on the carport or driveway. A deck. Spray them with bleach. Let it soak a few minutes. Stings and all will be pretty and white again. The sun will dry them. But it's good if you have something to hang them on to dry faster. Take out as many as you want to wash. My friend has a smoking room. Has lots of blinds. The tar comes right off. I even put pine sold on a rag to wipe them. Room smells good.. That is if your wiping them. Keep them dusted with a feather duster.

    • Shar
      on Jan 14, 2019

      Yes; easy-peasy - no brainer. Can't soak blinds too long with too much bleach … could rot the fabric "strings." Got to be careful that the blinds don't dry with water spots on them.

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