Hostas...what is Happening???

Look ! All the others have grown into big boys, or girls, whatever. These are stuck..they don't do anything , it has been almost 3-4 weeks now. These are my biggest ones too. They get huge, I think they are called Sun Power, or Paul's glory, not sure anymore, but they have an area all their own because they get so big, but they are just stuck in 3-5 inches!
All I did this year different than all the years before is put mulch down before winter. I thought maybe I had put too much and covered them too much so they couldn't breathe..but even after I removed most of the mulch they still haven't gotten any bigger!
So sad......any suggestions? UPDATE 6/9 13..more pictures below. Oh another update, the last picture way below is how the hosta should look, I just found it!!!
hostas what is happening, gardening
hostas what is happening, gardening
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