30 Ways To Use Old Jeans For Brilliant Craft Ideas

Snip snip! Your old jeans never looked so good.

By Hometalk Highlights

Cut A Pair Of Jeans Into A Cute Coaster

Remove the pocket from jeans and slip plastic into it to make it waterproof. How clever!

Stitch Dog Toys With Your Jeans

Trace the shape of a dog bone onto your jeans and fill with toy squeakers.

Cover An IKEA Box With Denim To Look Cuter

Create the coolest storage boxes for your bits and bobs by cutting up some old jeans!

Craft A Holder From A Denim Pocket Collage

Pockets are the greatest invention! Cut up some pockets, sew and add a belt for a rod.

Weave Jean Scraps Into A Shag Rug

All you need is a weaving mat and some denim scraps for this.

Use Jeans And Copper Pipes To Hold Magazines

Cut up a pair of jeans and fasten it around a copper frame for a magazine holder.

Pair Them With Old T-Shirts For Cute Pillows

Create a no sew denim pillow sleeve and transfer an old T-shirt on top of it. Too cute!

Cover An Old Busted Suitcase In Jean Squares

Suitcases need padding and protection. Add some sturdy denim fabric to keep it from scratching.

Reupholster Worn Bar Stools

Soften up those chairs by using old jeans as upholstery. Surprisingly comfortable.

Use Bits For An Upcycled Craft Caddy

Add strips of denim to your craft caddy as a crafty & nifty means of support.

Turn Scraps Into Cute And Useful Potholders

Cut up some old denim trousers for practical pot holders to prevent burns!

Add A Rag And Rose Wreath To Your Front Door

Dress up your door wreath with some scraps of denim and a denim rose.

Build A Plant Stand From A Pair Of Denim Legs

Wrap a wood frame with pool noodles and stuff a pair of jeans. Add shoes and soil and stand it up!

Make A Scrappy Pillow From Old Clothing

Add a quirky touch to your throw pillow by giving it a pocket.

Turn An Old Pair Into A Fun Hanging Organizer

Cut and sew some of your old jeans together to make a toiletry organizer.

Fold Jean Legs Into Storage Baskets

Make some adorable storage baskets from bell bottomed jeans.

Make Adorable Ornaments With Painted Jeans

Cut up some Salvation Army jean material into squares and paint them in Christmas motifs.

Use Jeans To Gift Bottles Of Wine

Turn them into wine bottle sleeves that everyone can admire.

Frame A Denim Pocket In An Embroidery Hoop

Create adorable wall art with a denim pocket stretched over an embroidery hoop.

Craft A Set Of Textured Coasters

Create some rosette styled coasters from denim scraps.

Craft A Plant Pot Cover From Denim

Crochet strips of cut denim into a form of a loop and work rounds along the pot.

Cover A Throw Pillow In Cut Jean Circles

Make a funky pillow out of circular cuts of denim fabric. Groovy!

Fashion A Draft Stopper Out Of An Old Pair

Cut off a jean leg, stuff it & sow it up to use as way to stop drafts from coming through the door.

Sew A Line Of Patriotic Bunting

Cut triangles out of templates & add ribbon!

Keep Jeans As Pocket Garlands

Turn jean pockets into a garland of rosettes for the 4th of July.

Store Your Items In The Pockets Of Jeans

Use an embroidery hoop as a guide and insert pocket inside of the hoop.

Create A Pocket Pillow With Denim

Simply cover your jeans over the pillow and stitch accordingly.

Use Fabric And Jeans To Make A Quilt

Place different motif fabric into the center of a square of fabric, then sew together.

Make A Potholder In 30 Minutes

Use a pasta bowl to trace the jeans and cut a different fabric ¼” smaller to place into the center.

Coat An Office Chair In Denim

Disassemble the chair then wrap each piece in cut up denim.