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Paint Spring Tree Watercolor With Crumbled Paper

Have you dreamed about creating art works to hang on your wall but doubted your skills? Today we are going to make a beautiful watercolor tree painting - it is SO easy, with the help of crumbled paper. NO art experience needed!
I also made a quick video tutorial you can watch! Click here for the 2 minute video tutorial!
Ready for the best kept secret on using crumbled wax paper?
( actually any glossy, not-so-absorbent paper such as magazine covers!)
Mark the main trunks of the two trees with light brown color. We can always darken them later.
Load the brush with lots of water and wash the canopy area of the first tree you are going to paint.
Use lots of water and watercolor paint to make little puddles on a plastic plate. Dip the crumbled paper into the puddles of colors and dab it gently onto the wet paper.
Keep dipping and layering...
Do the same with the pink flowering tree.
Add smaller branches!
Visit the link near the beginning for a video tutorial, supplies list and more helpful tips!
A couple more fun painting projects: how to paint on black paper and create a magical landscape of cherry blossoms in moonlight! Click here for the super easy tutorial!
How to use a tooth brush to paint fall trees! Tutorial at the link below!

Materials used for this project:

  • Wax paper
  • Paint

To see more: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/water-color-fall-tree-painting/

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