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How To Make An Umbrella Door Wreath

Having company over and need a quick touch of pizazz to your frumpy front door? Here is your solution! I am all about unique twists on traditional decor ideas and this umbrella door wreath is the perfect example of just that.

We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $55 Difficulty: Easy
The bonus is that you can say YOU MADE IT!

Materials I used for this project:
To create this simple and unique door wreath, you'll want to start by spray painting the tip and handle of the umbrella if they're a color you don't like.


I purchased this umbrella for less than $7 on Amazon and was surprised by the hot pink so I wanted to cover that up, and I chose metallic gold to do that.
If you're giving this wreath as a gift, I would not recommend spray painting the handle unless it's wooden as the spray paint does not adhere very well to plastic.
Since this wreath is for my door, I wasn't very worried about it not adhering perfectly.
Once the handle and tip are sprayed and dried, take your sponge brush and paint the umbrella with the primer (you can do this step first if you didn't need to spray paint the tip and handle). You'll want to paint the primer on thick but not so thick that it runs - if you experience running, simply go back over those places to even out the primer.
After your primer dries, paint the umbrella the color of your choice with acrylic paint - I chose purple to contrast with my warm pallete of flowers. Again, you'll want to lay the paint on thick but not so thick that you experience running. Make sure to let the paint dry completely once you've covered the entire umbrella with paint.
Next, cut and arrange the flowers you've chosen. You can use wire clippers or a pair of scissors to cut.
After you've arranged the flowers to your liking, tie your ribbon of choice around the closed umbrella - I recommend tying it close enough to the top that the flowers are gathered close and tight.
Finally, hang your beautiful flower arrangement on your door for all to see and admire!
This project will take a jiffy to make and will cost you the same, if not, less than a pre-purchased ordinary wreath would.

Materials used for this project:

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Ask the creator about this project

    • Whatttttt? $55.00 WOW! Pretty, not $55.00..........
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    • I believe that is how it is attached to the door
      CMHolt CMHolt  Albemarle, NC · answered on Aug 24, 2017 ·
    • I believe the flowers are hiding the handle.
    • The flowers are hiding it--it's how the umbrella is hanging from the door.
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    • I agree...this could be made so much cheaper & just as pretty. I just always feel if it's DIY it should be economical. I wouldn't spend $55 for a brand new wreath that's already made lol.
      Stacie A Stacie A  De Soto, MO · answered on Jul 31, 2017 ·
    • Yes i agree could be made cheaper
      Rustyjune Rustyjune  Mountain View, CA · answered on Aug 1, 2017 ·
    • The majority of the cost was the flowers--I wanted a fuller look and I don't like cheap-looking flowers.
    • just because a flower is on sale doesn't mean it looks cheap
    • wow
    • all of the supplies were bought on Amazon. Try the dollar store for everything but the paint. Most crafters will already have these supplies at home so costs are down. Lowes even has cheaper paints.
    • Umbrellas and artificial flowers and sometime craft sprays and glues can be found at the thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation army)
      Rachel Rachel  Lawton, OK · answered on Aug 24, 2017 ·
    • Right Heartbeat, I buy flowers at AC Moore, usually but only when they are on sale or I have a good coupon. I love that AC Moore let's me use it more than once so I take a couple of friends with me and we all use the same coupon.
    • Meant to add same flowers, just half price.
    • Wal-Mart has nice flower bushes for less than $10. Most are $3, $5 and $7.
    • you can also get your flowers from the dollar tree store , for $1 , and they really have some nice ones

    • Hobby Lobby has all of the items for this project and everything is normally 40% off, if not this week then next week. I would never pay $55 for that!
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  • Did you add holes for rainwater to drain?
    User User East Haven, CT · asked on Mar 3, 2017
    • These are artificial flowers.
    • No, she asked about rainwater (if this is truly used on an outer door).
      Cathy Cathy  Georgetown, IN · answered on May 3, 2017 ·
    • This is probably for a door that is protected by a porch or some type of roof. Rain would ruin the artificial flowers otherwise.
    • Rain won't ruin artificial flowers! I wash my silk flowers all the time when they get dusty or dirty and I haven't have any problems with them. I just fill my kitchen sink with hot soapy water and put them in it to soak for a few minutes then I just grab the stems and swish them until their clean, rinse and lay on a bath towel to dry. You can also hang them to dry if you prefer. If the ones I use outside are really dirty I put a little bit of bleach in my soapy water and do as stated above. They come out looking brand new again. I have more problems with the sun fading them if they are used outside then I do washing them but the ones I use inside or use in door wreaths are under a covered porch so they stay nice and pretty so I can reuse them over and over again washing them this way. Lets face it silk flowers aren't cheap so why not keep them as nice and clean as you can so they will last for years. Even the cheap made ones will last for years used inside and kept clean from time to time.
      Ardale Ardale  Poplar Bluff, MO · answered on Aug 24, 2017 ·
    • I made one of these umbrella door wreaths earlier this summer and love it. I just used a nice umbrella we already had since we have several of them. I chose a black umbrella so my silk flowers would pop. I used a pretty gold foil ribbon to tie it with and made a bow out of the same ribbon. The flowers I chose were orange and cream to coordinate with the colors in the floor tiles we have on our porch and front steps as well as the décor of the furniture on our front porch. Our tiles are a mixture of browns, creams and burnt orange and our bistro seats have cushions on them in a burnt orange as well as a bench seat which is also covered in burnt orange fabric. The gold ribbon matches the gold chandelier which hangs over our bistro set and the gold color of our door lock and handle. Looks really nice but I will be changing it out for a harvest wreath pretty soon and the best part is I can reuse my silk flowers elsewhere and put my umbrella back in it's stand with our other umbrellas until next year.
      Ardale Ardale  Poplar Bluff, MO · answered on Aug 24, 2017 ·
    • Quite unique. I have seen other displays using umbrellas, never realized I can do it myself and have my own colors. Do you have to use a primer or can you just paint directly on the umbrella? Thanks for the idea. I love it and just have to have one. Probably on the inside so I can enjoy it.
      Jpsiskos Jpsiskos  United States · answered on Aug 24, 2017 ·
    • I would think you need drain holes if the door is not covered, not because they're fake or real flowers, but so the umbrella doesn't fill up with water.
    • You might try buying umbrellas at IKEA. They may be smaller because they are sold in the children's department, but they are inexpensive and can certainly be painted as you directed. Anita Mills San Diego, Ca
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    • No it's keeping the umbrella closed and the flowers inside. It can be changed though, should I decide to switch it out for ribbon.
    • I have got to get an umbrella! This would look so cute on my front door!
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    • Hanging up I get the flowers
    • I don't understand this answer.
    • Behind the flowers
    • the handle is hidden with the flowers and the handle is hooked to the bracket on door to hang the display.
      Pauline Pauline  Ireland · answered on Feb 19, 2017 ·
    • The handle is the hanger so I hooked it onto my door knocker and the flowers conceal it.
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  • Why did it cost $55?
    Lynne Lynne Casa Grande, AZ · asked on Jan 16, 2017
    • Mainly bc of the paint--that adds up! However, the paint is a one time buy so you can use it on other projects. The other things was the flowers...I know you can buy them from the Dollar Tree but I always feel like they look cheap so I go for nicer ones from Michaels.
    • You could use chalk paint which would make it cheaper and goes over everything
      Kaye Kaye  Australia · answered on Feb 9, 2017 ·
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    • I actually have it hanging on my front door which we don't use regularly (we use our side door), however we've been opening that door more lately for extra sunshine since its been so nice outside and I haven't noticed it banging at all since there's not much slack on how it hangs on our door knocker.
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  • what kind of primer did you use?
    • The second picture shows a can of Rustoleum Ultra Cover Primer.
      Katie Katie  Hardinsburg, KY · answered on May 15, 2016 ·
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    • Looks like its hooked on by the handle.
      DeVa DeVa  West Palm Beach, FL · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • And the flowers covered it up. I wouldn't even worry about painting the handle if you're going to use taller flowers. Very cute idea.
    • With the umbrella nearly folded closed, the handle would not stick out very far. Perfect for a hanger. Love this idea. It is lovely.
    • It is beautiful. But I like a prettier ribbon. That twine takes away from the beauty.
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  • Could you use spray paint on the umbrella?
    • She said she used spray paint.
    • Zap rayed just on ends not the material part
      Sandra Sandra  Oakland, MD · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • Was suppose to be sprayed
      Sandra Sandra  Oakland, MD · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • I noticed a brush being used
      Sammik2u Sammik2u  Bloomington, IL · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • She said sponge brush
    • I don't see why you couldn't use a spray paint!
    • Yes, you can use spray paint. My daughter did and it came out great. I would however recommend fabric paint, it doesn't come out as stiff as the acrylic.
      Martina Martina  Laguna Hills, CA · answered on May 16, 2016 ·
    • Thanks so much Martina. Appreciate it.
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    • I too have used spray paint for plastic and it works just fine!
    • I've used it to update chairs. I'd buy the color umbrella I wanted or try fabric spray paint on one I already own. I love this instead of wreath.
      Jan Hodge Jan Hodge  Central Lake, MI · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • That too would work of course
      L L  Canada · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • The spray paint was good on the tip but with the handle, it wanted to run while it was still wet so I guess you could do little spurts on the curve of the handle and blow it dry quickly in order for maximum coverage and stick.
    • The dollar store has umbrellas! I guess you know where I'm headed today! :)
      Nancy Nancy  Elmwood Park, IL · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • You have to do multiple light coats to keep plastic paint or any paint to keep it from running.
      Dida Dida  Toccoa, GA · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • Pretty material can be used over the umbrella and that way you can change it up. Also sturdy wrapping can carefully be used.
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    • The flowers are artificial.
      Susan Susan  West Henrietta, NY · answered on May 14, 2016 ·
    • You can use real flowers by putting a small plastic bag inside filled with water and twist tying the top.
      Marcia Marcia  Menomonee Falls, WI · answered on May 18, 2016 ·
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    • If you "rough up" the plastic with a fin grit sand paper, the paint will adhere well. I have doe it many times.
    • Rustoleum makes a paint for plastic. Works great....I have used it on plastic pots for flowers. Did them last year and they are just as pretty....lots of color on our deck.
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  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on May 12, 2016

    Oh Courtney, love is an understatement for this project!! It turned out so beautiful. I definitely need to make one for my door now! :)

  • AGMR
    AGMR Canada
    on May 13, 2016

    So unique and so beautiful!

  • Heather
    Heather United Kingdom
    on May 14, 2016

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love it :)

  • Yasmin Reyal
    Yasmin Reyal Sri Lanka
    on May 14, 2016

    Wow! the colours contrast, yet blend. Beautiful!

  • Rebecca Brantley
    Rebecca Brantley Swainsboro, GA
    on May 14, 2016

    You did a great job on this! Heres a suggestion for paint adhering to plastic as i do it all the time.. Take 60 grit sand paper & "scrub" the plastic.. Then paint it with one coat of primer, then your paint.. OR us krylons weather resistant paint for plastics, no sand paper & primer even needed.. Both methods work like a charm! :-)

  • Ellen McKay
    Ellen McKay Ferguson, IA
    on May 14, 2016

    Beautiful! I love it!

  • Jacalyn
    Jacalyn Clearwater, FL
    on May 14, 2016

    So pretty and unique! Love it!

  • Rebecca Balent
    Rebecca Balent Scranton, PA
    on May 14, 2016

    They make spray paint especially for plastic. Personally I would just spray everything

  • Martha
    Martha Bellbrook, OH
    on May 14, 2016

    Looks great

  • Shirley Cook
    Shirley Cook
    on May 14, 2016

    love it

  • Karen swift
    Karen swift United Kingdom
    on May 14, 2016

    so pretty .lovely

  • Armada157
    Armada157 Roseville, MI
    on May 14, 2016

    Bravo, just what my neighbor needs to see. She will use up a lot of gas trying to find one. Thank you

  • Rachelmary
    Rachelmary Warwick, RI
    on May 14, 2016

    Really pretty. Great idea.

  • Maria Celeste Ribeiro
    Maria Celeste Ribeiro United States
    on May 14, 2016

    Very nice!!!!

  • Coogmama
    on May 14, 2016

    Great idea!!

  • KAT
    KAT Canada
    on May 14, 2016

    Yours turned out great! I am in the middle of making one myself and have put the first coat of paint on last night. I am doing mine in yellow and then I am going to find a pair of kids yellow rain boots to plant flowers in.

    • Simplerose051
      on Aug 24, 2017

      ?I've the boot idea. Would be perfect for April showers. Very Spring oriented.

  • Kristy
    Kristy Winter Haven, FL
    on May 14, 2016

    Beautiful. Nice job of recycling something broken into a usable, attractive decoration.

  • Sue Kiene
    Sue Kiene
    on May 14, 2016

    Cute idea and though I am a purple fan, I would have gone with out painting it. I think the design on the umbrella was really pretty.

  • Dawg1953.ds
    on May 14, 2016

    I made those last for my mom and myself. Saw it on Pintrest. Didnt6have a hook handle for one so I tied twine to it to hang it.

  • Veronica
    Veronica Wooster, OH
    on May 14, 2016

    I've been hanging on to a broken umbrella forever trying to think what I could do with it and just hesitantly threw it in the trash last night..now I can go get it out and see if I could do something like this..thanks!

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