Forget Your Traditional Christmas Tree, These Are Even Better

You'll be happy you didn't buy your Christmas tree yet when you see these awesome ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Mount your tree to the wall

This uses pine garlands and takes up a fraction of the space of a real Christmas tree.

Use washi tape to decorate your walls

These trees add that Christmas feel, and they peel right off afterward.

Make your own tree out of pallet wood

You can repurpose those slabs of wood in your garage, and you get a Christmas tree out of it.

Or use up some old fence planks

This Christmas tree can even sit on your mantel, and it does not take up any room.

Turn your green beer bottles upside down

Stick them on dowels for this very modern looking tree.

Stack a pile of driftwood into a tree

Don’t like having to clean up all of those thistles? This type of tree might be perfect for you.

Glue your ornaments onto pallet wood

Shape it into a tree, and you won’t need to decorate it.

Layer brown paper into a full-size tree

This is so different than your average tree, but it has the same effect.

Wrap a dryer vent around and around

This contemporary tree is very industrial, but some people absolutely love it.

Gather some branches from outside

Tie them together with cable ties and wire to shape your tree.

Stack a bunch of crates together

We bet you’ve never seen a Christmas tree like this before.

Cut pegboard into an easily foldable tree

The best part is that it hardly takes any time to put away.

Turn your blank wall into a green tree

This is so easy to make and is perfect if you don’t have any space.

Use a tomato cage for a perfectly sized tree

Wrap it with garland or tree branches, and then decorate it however you like.

Wrap ornaments and garland around a ladder

This blogger put it up as a joke, but she liked it so much that it stayed through Christmas.

Place your favorite decorations on a windmill

After Christmas this can double as a unique book case.

Organize license plates into a wall tree

This has got to be the most creative tree we’ve seen.

Stack some old vintage trunks for a base

Then add some bow and fairy lights for a vintage looking tree.

Put holes in an old ironing board

They are the perfect place to hang your ornaments and lights on this creative wall tree.