IKEA Hack Painting Fabric Custom DIY Pillow Cases

3 Materials
30 Minutes

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Stenciling is one of my favourite ways to add personality and my own touch, making whatever it is uniquely mine!

Grab some IKEA Pillow covers in your fav colours!
Here’s what you need.
  1. IKEA Pillow Case
  2. Fusion Mineral Paint – colours of your choosing
  3. Stencil Brush
4. Stencil – design of your choosing

Place a thin piece of cardboard within the pillows case so that the stencil paint doesn’t soak through to the other size of the pillow. Place the stencil on your empty flat pillow cover wherever you would like the words to be. I centered mine here. Remember once you fill the pillow, the front surface gets smaller, so centering is an easy rule of thumb for safety to follow.

Start stenciling with your favourite Fusion Mineral Paint Colour! Remember how I said stenciling was easy, and the key is less is more! You don’t need to add any paint additives to our Fusion Mineral Paint prior to painting on fabric.

To Swirl or Dab…that is the question! On Fabric I prefer to pounce or dab the stencil brush directly down onto the surface as I find little to no paint will leak under the stencil meaning a nice clean crisp stencil!

 Immediately after applying the paint to your stencil, reveal your beautiful stencil by lifting it straight up and off of the pillow case.

To find out more tips visit the original blog on the Fusion Mineral Paint Blog. Hope you enjoy!

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion Mineral Paint  (www.fusionmineralpaint.com)
  • Muddaritaville Stencils  (https://muddaritavillestudio.com/)
  • IKEA Pillow Cases  (IKEA)

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To see more: https://fusionmineralpaint.com/ikea-hack-pillow-case/

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  • my i please ask. tell me which is the good paint and fabric for this project
    • It tells you above. Pillowcases from IKEA and whatever colour of Fusion Mineral paint you'd like.

      The websites which these items can be purchased are also mentioned above along with stencils.

  • Dianakraus
    on Sep 8, 2019

    I have gold plated outdoor light fixtures, I would like to paint a bronze color, do I use a primer first?

  • Tina Martin
    on Oct 26, 2019

    how do you care for the pillows? Can they be hand washed with the paint?

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