Sliding Ring Holder Quick DIY Gift Box Organizer!

Wanna Keep all your Rings Organised? Well, here's a Quick and Helpful DIY For you'll, where you can make an Ring holder box out of your used out plastic bottle caps, CDs and an old Hard book Cover.
Doesn't it sound cool? You can Beautify it by giving it a theme of Flowers as a Sliding tower concealed in a Fold-able Gift Box!
Here we are recycling old plastic bottle caps. You can find them very easily, as it is like are daily use . Collecting them in a color orientated pattern is totally up to up, I would surely recommend you to collect some with same color to give it a beautiful look.
Things we need - The second thing we need for making a sliding ring holder is Foam Sheets. It is easily available in any art store or you can also use soft card board.
Things we are going to recycle - CDs! Now there are plenty of CDs around which is absolutely no use to us, well now you can creatively recycle them into making a sliding ring holder for yourself.
This is what my base is gonna look like, watch the video below this to know how to make the base.
This is how it is gonna look at the end. Easily slide and pick! Now you can have this for yourself, watch the detailed video below and make one creative organizer for yourself.
Voila! Watch and learn.

Also Make Your own Ring Holder Gift Box and send it to us on Instagram @zebs_fanclub and get Noticed by us!

You can also post it on Twitter using the Hashtag ZebsInspired So send in your Creative pieces NOW! 

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2 of 8 comments
  • NRM
    on Sep 22, 2017

    Very nice and very creative... this is a really 'unique' piece, at least to me it is. I have not seen anything like it. This would make a lovely gift... Thank you for the idea and the video.. Keep up the great crafting.. :)
  • Nat32080497
    on Dec 15, 2017

    Fantastic idea! I just love it! Thank you.
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