Deter deer with shredded soap around plants

Not to mention it will make your yard smell super clean!

Take cuttings from a few favorite plants

Take bits and pieces from your favorite plants and grow them into full-sized beauties.

Spray garlic and mint over the leaves

Mix up your own remedy with this formula and cover your greenery.

Start your own seeds instead of buying plants

This cinnamon hack will be the boost your baby seeds need!

Take cuttings & propagate your best growers

There's actually a trick to propagating Hostas with ease and it will save you money.

Supplement soil with used coffee grounds

Add used coffee grounds to your soil to boost the acidity and fill up some space.

Use cheaper fillers for planters (like ferns)

Ferns are a beautiful, voluminous planter filler, and they won't break your budget.

Make a shimmering penny ball to repel slugs

Slugs aren't too fond of those copper secretions, so put your pennies with your plants.

Or keep slugs away with crushed egg shells

Crunch up some leftover egg shells and lay them out on the soil by your plants.

Repurpose found materials into planters

Make a concrete towel planter to get a big-impact look on a teeny tiny budget.

Protect your budding garden from frost & wind

If there's a frost on the way and you know your baby plants won't hold up, try this easy trick!

Trap flies with apple cider in a wine bottle

Keep your fruits (indoors or outdoors) free of fruit flies with a handy trap.

Test your garden soil to learn about it

Before starting your garden, test your soil to figure out what you need and what to grow.

Use pepper to keep squirrels out of planters

Squirrels are cute critters - as long as they're not attacking your plants or garbage

Build your own beds for cheap

Use PVC pipes, plastic sheets or shower curtains - let your creativity make up for your budget.

Sprinkle fireplace ashes in the garden

Reuse your bucket of fireplace ash in the garden. Slugs and other garden fiends will flee.

Cut seeds with a nail clipper, then soak them

Snip the seeds just a bit, soak them overnight, and prepare for seedlings just 3 days later!

Make a "tea" with soap, garlic, eggs & spices

Chop garlic and scallions, add bits of soap, mix in eggs & spices, and make spray repellent.

Make a mini greenhouse from a water bottle

Time to reuse! Turn plastic bottles into tiny greenhouses to encourage your seeds.

Put pennies in a water glass to chase flies

While flies don't harm your plants, they make it hard for you to enjoy your garden. Do this!

Pick the right temperature for the plant type

Some plants, like lemon trees, prefer warmer temperatures to germinate, so know your seeds.

Spray plants with bug-deterring essential oil

Make your own mix of bug-deterring essential oils to spray all over your garden.

Plant seeds in nutrient-rich eggshells

Eggshells aren't only a cute nest for your seeds, they're nutritious and can go right in the ground.

Or use toilet paper tubes to plant

If you don't feel like folding up newspapers, line a TP tube with paper and use that instead.

Use the roots of vegetables to grow your own

Cut your veggies at the roots and place them in small Glad containers to grow your own veggies.

Build a kitchen garden with galvanized tin

Cut slits out of a tall juice carton with a handle, insert soil & seedlings & place on window sill.

Spray weeds with an easy vinegar mixture

You can use some horticultural vinegar or mix up your own weed-buster with cooking vinegar.