30 Genius Ways To Make The Most Of Your Closet Space

There's always space for more, if you're clever about it!

By Hometalk Hits

Use plastic brackets to hold your hangers

Easy closet storage is here, with some L brackets and some nails. Attach and hang!

Build a vertical shoe hanger on your door

Sometimes it’s best to go vertical so save on extra space. (Rob & Courtney M.)

Glue shower curtain rings for a scarf hanger

Don’t waste precious closet space on all your scarves and ties, hang them on one hanger.

Build your own shoe storage out of cardboard

This is so brilliant and easy to do. (aPieceofRainbow)

Make your own pipe clothing rack

This industrial clothing rack is perfect for small spaces and it looks great, too.

Store bulky items in cardboard boxes

Wrap them in fabric to make them look nice in your closet.

Double up hangers with soda can tabs

You’ll gain tons of extra closet room with this hack.

Mount extra hangers with cable straps

Who doesn’t need extra places to hang their clothes?

Hang jewelry and shoes on framed fabric

Put that wall space to good use with this clever idea.

Keep your boots tall with pool noodles

Don’t let your boots slump over and your closet will look much more organized.

Add hooks to a pants hanger for your belts

This is so clever, I can’t believe we never thought of this before.

Build your own shoe rack

With just a few planks of wood and a drill you can make the perfect shoe storage space.

Streamline your storage with pretty baskets

Keep your things tucked away and out of the way with these adorable baskets.

Put stylish pipe hangers inside your door

Use pipe hangers to keep all the odds and ends organized.

Reorganize your sneakers in style

Use bins to store your shoes in an organized fashion!

Put sliding drawers along a free wall

Add drawer sliders to a free wall, to double up your vertical storage options in an instant.

Use cabinet knobs to store shoes on the wall

Attach cabinet knobs to the back wall of your closet, for genius shoe storage!

Hang belts using shower curtain rings

Say goodbye to bins or baskets filled with accessories! (Paulina @Happy Creative)

Keep the floor clear with a handy basket

Keep the floor clean of clothes, with a small laundry basket stowed inside your closet.

Store sweaters in a hanging shoe organizer

Add a hanging shoe organizer or two to your clothing rack for bulky sweaters or jeans.

Make roll-out shoe storage for deep closets

Make a rolling shoe drawer for those very deep closets, so you don’t end up with ½ a pair.

Rethink your direction for more efficiency

If your horizontal hanging bar is wasting wall space, use your closet depth for another option.

Use an accessory hanger for all your camis

Consolidate similar clothing types onto one shelf or hanger, like this clever cami idea!

Keep clothes in view with drying rack rods

Use rods from a drying rack to keep everything visible.

Double up your hanging rods

If you end up with a lot of space above and below your rod, move it up & add a new one.

Use your closet door for those last items

Repurpose valance holders into helpful scarf organizers!

Add some cubes to keep it all organized

For when the books and supplies to start piling up.

Add buckets and bins for easy storage

This is such a cute and easy way to keep everything organized!

Easily arrange clothes with bins and tags

Using this technique keeps the kids’ laundered clothes in the closet and off the floor.

Set aside space for a mini vanity and mirror

Fill a shelf with your accessories and you’ll feel glamorous getting ready in the morning. (Katie Lloyd Madsfield)