12 DIY Tomato Cages Ideas To Make Your Grow Taller

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Garden tomato plants need a little support in order for them to grow and produce their best. Creating tomato plant supports is an easy DIY job and can often use materials that you already have on-hand. Tomato plants that are grown vertically with a support system will produce a bigger, better crop than plants that are left unsupported.
1- Wire CagesEasy to create and lightweight, use this idea to fashion DIY wire cages to support tomato plants from concrete reinforcing steel mesh. Strong enough to support even the largest tomato plants and produce.
2- Livestock Panels
Not only can these heavy duty wire panels keep livestock within a specific perimeter, they can easily be used to strong, long-lasting tomato cages. Build once, use as a plant trellis system for years.
3- Fencing Recycle
Here is a great way to recycle old wire fencing, turn the fencing into DIY tomato cages. New fencing can also be used to create a garden trellis system for tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants that need supported during the growing season.
4-Tomato Trellis
Function and beauty meet in this tomato trellis design. This support system provides support on both sides and creates a walkway in the center for easy vegetable harvest.
5-Cheap Trellis Idea
Save money and time with this cheap garden trellis idea. Inexpensive pieces of lumber and strips of fabric will create an affordable garden plant support system without using up much of your valuable time. Follow these instruction and build DIY tomato cages for under $2 a piece.

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