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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I was tired of this dark and out dated kitchen and green counter tops. I decided to tackle redoing it myself. It was a job, don't get me wrong, but it was worth every minute. My friend, Sammie, was a life saver on laying the tile and cutting it. That was my first experience in doing so, therefore I learned a lot from her. When we bought this house in 2011 I knew that changing this kitchen would be a must, just didn't know when I would have the extra money or time to get it done.
Time: 7 Days Cost: $175 Difficulty: Medium

This was when I started. I put painters tape on each cabinet door and each drawer facing. I removed all the hardwear and cleaned it very well. This is one side of the kitchen.
This is the other side. Dark and boring. Notice in this photo, there was a built in bread box, or some sort of something that took space up on the counter, which I removed.
I had to klitz everything because it was so dark.
If you notice in this photo, there is a black dishwasher, which I removed. I have never used it once since I moved in this house. My personal opinion is they are twice the work as just washing and putting them away yourself and not having to come back later and unload them with chances some are still not as clean as I prefer them.
This is when we, or should I say Sammie, started laying the tile. I bought the boxes (3) of tile from a small town wholesale place for $30.00. They were $10.00 a box. That was a still I must say!! I was painting the cabinet doors in the shop, which normally took place late in the evening. Once everything, as far as cabinets and drawer facings were painted, I coated them all twice with polycrylic satin.
This is the cabinet I put in where the dishwasher was. It was hanging above my bar and served no purpose. It was a perfect fit.
This area right here is where I had removed the cabinet that hung above my bar that I put in place of my dishwasher.
Here is the final results on the window side of the kitchen. Notice where the dishwasher was, it is my old cabinet that hung above my bar. Also, the old fashion light fixture was replaced with the hanging light which I bought at Home Depot on clearance for $12 dollars. Was a still.
This is the other side. I took the time to place bead boarding on the end of each cabinet and under the bar area which is not shown in the photos. I'm now pushing forward to getting the floors done. I'll upload photos of the floor whenI get them done, however I'm not sure when it will be, but hopefully soon.

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  • Wendy
    on Sep 9, 2017

    You did a fabulous job!

  • Mary Dorsey
    Mary Dorsey Huntington, TX
    on Sep 9, 2017

    Thank you very much! Don't know why my pictures are all in crazy order. I rotated them as it showed and they were fine till it posted. Anything I can do to fix it?

  • Bonnie Woolever
    Bonnie Woolever Palmyra, PA
    on Sep 13, 2017

    You did an absolutely great job! I love it. Creative use of cabinetry too, where you took out the dishwasher. Clever! The counters look so nice.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. - I love that cute little black and white cow up above the cabinets!

    • Glorus42
      on Sep 16, 2017

      Good job! I love the black and white "Oreo" pig above the cabinets.

  • Penny Fisher
    Penny Fisher United Kingdom
    on Sep 16, 2017

    I would have swopped the glass fronted doors with the same sized wall cabinet ones above, it looks odd to have glass doors at floor level, otherwise good job.

    • Kathy marchmont
      Kathy marchmont La Grange, IL
      on Sep 26, 2017

      Yeah, me too. Still a little too cluttered for my taste but a vast improvement!!!

  • Joan Grahs McKay
    Joan Grahs McKay
    on Sep 16, 2017

    It's a nice fresh look for sure. I'm not fond of the doors on your new cabinet tho. I would get some to
    look like the other doors on bottom. But it looks better then it did. You were brave doing the tiles but
    It sure looks nice. you did some work there and should be proud and really did a nice thrifty re-do.

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