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DIY Bird Feeder

2 Materials
2 Days

Easy way to make your own bird feeder. Without the seeds all over the ground. Just by using three thing. Two you can get at the dollar store and the other at Lowe's or any hardware store.
diy bird feeder
First get you soup bowl and a saucer, glue them together with water proof glue, let that sit over night. Take your PVC pipe at smooth the top edges then paint it what ever color you like and let dry. Then after the bowl and saucer has set 24 hours, glue them to the top of the PVC pipe. Dig you a hole and you have a bird feeder without the seeds on the ground. The saucer catches them.

Suggested materials:

  • Soup bowl, saucer and PVC pipe  (Dollar store, Lowe's Home Impovement or any hardware store)
  • Use a good water proof glue  (Home Impovement)

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