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Landscaping Project for picnic tables. I was tired of moving the picnic tables every time I had to mow. So, I came up with this project. It's easy to do and beautiful.
Step 1-Pick your area and outline with a garden hose. My black hose was very flexible and perfect for the job. My squiggly edging I call it Lagoonin.
Step 2-A flat headed shovel. ( I have a magic shovel its doing it by itself. loling! )
Step 3-A close up. This shovel was left here when we moved in 16 years ago. My favorite landscaping tool EVER!!!!!!!!
Step 4-I dug straight down about 3 inches all along the outer hose. I know you can't see it but it's there. The deeper you go the less weeds will grow.
Step 5-Then I made a very small trench of the line I just made in pic 4.
Step 6-Start shoveling the grass up. You have to get real low, dig into the grass, lift, repeat.
Step 7-Almost done!
Step 8-I raked and leveled it with a hard rake. ALL DONE, shoveling that is.
Step 9-Lay your mulch down. I wore gloves, it's very messy while laying it down. Now your ALL DONE! And this is why I LOVE Landscaping. A child's wooden picnic table is going right in the middle.
10-part A-Here is the beginning of the 2 picnic table area. I did this area before I did the child picnic table area. Yes, my inspiration!
10-part B-Here is the other half of part A. It was a good size area.
10-part c-2 picnic table area. Mulch half way done. I don't have a finished photo but I think you get the idea of it finished.
11-More Lagoonin edging. I did this area the year after. My rose of Sharon, day lily and big ole frog with a sunflower umbrella. It's beautiful when the rose of Sharon blooms at the end of July.
12-My last photo. Rubber mulch around the above ground pool. My next project will be to paint or stain the picnic tables. Hope you enjoyed my step by step instructions. Happy Landscaping!

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