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DIY Easy Easter Bouquet

3 Materials
15 Minutes

This easy Easter bouquet is the perfect Easter craft idea for kids. This easy DIY bouquet will brighten up any room with their cheerful colors. All you need is a little ribbon and some pipe cleaner.
diy easy easter bouquet
One of the reasons why I love this easy Easter bouquet is the ability to customize the pipe cleaners and ribbons that will go in your vase.

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Easter ribbon (or ribbon with cute pastel colors and decorations)
  • A vase
diy easy easter bouquet
The cross helps us to remember the sacrifice of Christ and is one of the most popular symbols of Easter.

To make this decorative piece, you’ll want to fold the top part of the pipe cleaner about 3-inches down. At the 1.5-inch mark, bend the pipe cleaner to the left, fold again, and then bend to the right.
diy easy easter bouquet
The second Easter symbol, more commonly recognized by children includes the Easter egg.

To make this decorative piece bend the top of the pipe cleaner around your finger or a very small object (such as a round pencil sharpener). Secure the top of the pipe cleaner to the side to secure the egg shape.
diy easy easter bouquet
This piece is the most difficult piece, but I promise the flower is also super easy to make for your bouquet.

Starting at the top of the pipe cleaner, you’ll want to bend the pipe cleaner into 1/2-inch bumps (5 in total – one for each petal). Then, wrap these petals together and secure the first petal to the “stem” (remaining pipe cleaner).

Your pipe cleaner will be a bit shorter on the flower compared to the other shapes. But the flower is so beautiful and will brighten your Easter bouquet.
diy easy easter bouquet
For more ideas and instructions on making individual pieces, please visit the post on the Home Faith Family's site.
diy easy easter bouquet
Once all of your Easter inserts are made for your bouquet, you’ll want to cut out at least 12-inches of ribbon. This measurement of ribbon can easily change depending on the size of your vase and according to your needs (for this tutorial, I used a 12-inch strip of ribbon).

Decorate and assemble to your liking.

Suggested materials:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Vase
Micah | Home Faith Family

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