What can I do with the cats?


I have problems with my roof because the cats fight there frequently. What can I do?

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  • DW DW on Sep 06, 2018

    blast em with a water hose a few times and they will take the hint and find another spot..

  • Trish Sweeton Trish Sweeton on Sep 06, 2018

    Are they your cats? Feral cats. Do you feed them? Maybe a spay neuter clinic. Cats are less likely to fight if 'fixed'. Nothing to fight for except food. Hope this helps.

  • Betsy Betsy on Sep 06, 2018

    Hi Cynthia: Those cats:) They must think that your roof is a boxing ring. The only thing I can think of is to paint a couple of strips of tar, or plastic sealant cement, on the edge, horizontally, about 3 inches from the edge and then a couple more strips 4 inches from that, where they seem to get on the roof. They will be very unhappy to have their gym no longer usable due to the stickiness and smell. You don't want it on the very edge as they will jump over it. If you have a couple of strips where they have to step in the tar, they will find a new sparring place. Good luck.

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    • Betsy Betsy on Sep 07, 2018

      Thank you. I have had a couple of pugelists on my roof from time to time, and this worked for me. I don't want to hurt anything or cause anything stress, but there are limits:) This also keeps the squirrels away from my roof. I'm glad you approve:)

  • Linda kelley Linda kelley on Sep 07, 2018

    Go to your local home improvement center and get a cheap outside light with a motion sensor on it and a lawn sprinkling timing device that you attach to your outside faucet. You're ahead of me already aren't you?

    Temporarily mount this light fixture at the spot where the cat obtains access to the roof. Remove the light bulb and install a screw-in socket in it's place. Plug in the timer and set it for the shortest sprinkle cycle, attach the hose to a sprinkler on the roof and turn the water on at the faucet. Then when the cat jumps up on the roof, the motion sensor will turn the sprinkler on, the cat jumps off and, after a few of those treatments, you can relax. Cats are smart and will avoid getting a bath from then on. Hope this helps.

  • Nursejnm Nursejnm on Sep 08, 2018

    Years ago we had five cats. They fought frequently. And yes, they were all fixed. We filled a spray bottle with water and after a few squirts they got the idea. Eventually all it took was to see me pick up the bottle and they would stop. No water needed. All the posters with the water idea are correct. Cats hate it. Good luck.

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