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Alicia W
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Upgrade Your TV Stand Without Buying A New One

7 Materials
2 Hours

My daughter bought a new 55" television and it didn't fit on her existing TV stand.

improved television stand

The existing stand is really nice and she didn't want to buy a new stand so I had to make it work.

improved television stand

Step 1: Extending the top

After measuring the width of the new television, I purchased a piece of pine that was 3/4" x 16" x 48". This would give her a few inches on either side.

improved television stand

Step 2: Edges

I could have attached the pine to the top of the stand and called it a day but I wanted to finish it so I purchased 1/4" wooden trim for the edges.

improved television stand

Step 3: Measure

To assure the measurements were correct, I placed the piece of trim along the edge of the board and marked the measurement instead of using a tape measure.

improved television stand

Step 4: Cut

Using a miter saw, I cut all of the trim pieces to size on a 45 degree angle.

improved television stand

Step 5: Nail

I pre-nailed wire brad to the trim pieces before placing them onto the pine board.

Step 6: Wood glue

I applied wood glue to each edge of the pine board before I nailed the trim.

Step 7: Attach trim

I lined up the trim board and nailed to to the pine board.

I followed Steps 3 - 7 for the two shorts sides and the long front. I didn't put trim onto the back of the board since that would be facing the wall.

improved television stand

Step 8: Measure

Once the trim was attached, I measure the overhang of the pine board on the TV stand making sure it was centered.

improved television stand

Step 9: Attach the top

A - I drilled two holes into the pine board

B - I used a larger drill bit counter sink or make sure the heads of the screws were below the board. I only drilled down about 1/8" with this bigger bit.

C - I screwed the boards fast to the TV stand.

improved television stand

Step 10 A&B: Fill holes

A - I used wood fill to fill the screw holes

B - and the mitered corners

Step 11 C: Sand

Once the wood fill was dry, I sanded it smooth and removed any dust with a soft cloth.

improved television stand

Step 12: Stain

I stained the new top with Minwax stain with polyurethane in "Espresso".

improved television stand

Step 13: Attach to wall

To insure the stand wouldn't fall over, I attached it to the wall.

1 - I used one furniture strap

2 - I measured the back of the stand

3 - and attached one end of the strap to the stand following the manufacture's directions

4 - I attached the other end of the strap to the wall

5 - I pulled the strap to shorten it, bringing the stand close to the wall

6 - until the stand was about 6" from the wall

improved television stand

Now my daughter can watch her new HUGE television and be confident that it fits safely on her TV stand.

Suggested materials:

  • Pine board  (Lowe's)
  • Furniture straps  (Lowe's)
  • Screws & wire brads  (Lowe's)
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