How do I get rid of roaches?



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  • Teach_manners Teach_manners on Oct 27, 2018

    I like borax and sugar mixed around the perimeter of kitchen or wherever you see them.

    watch your animals and children if you have any.

  • Call an exterminator or you will never ever be rid of them. They hide and breed in places you can't get to,

  • Linette Linette on Oct 28, 2018

    I found some stuff on Amazon called Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. It worked wonders for me. Just put a little in places that you've seen them and after about 2 weeks you will not see any more. I bought a 4 pack and I still have three of them and I have been roach free for over two years. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Oct 28, 2018

    I’m a Canadian who bought a house in Florida where we stay for 6 mos every yr. I was horrified at the cockroaches & bought Cockroach Bait & it was the real McCoy. BUT, to keep them away, check any boxes you bring indoors (especially grocery store or online delivery), wipe up all crumbs immediately (especially under a toaster or where you store dry goods). I stored all cereals, dry goods in glass jars or sealed plastic canisters & these 2 tricks KEPT THEM away. Buy a few canisters at a time & transfer your cereals, cookies, sugar/flour right away when coming in from groceries & throw out the cellophane bags & boxes. It’s a pain at 1st, but then you get into the routine (label canisters for easy reading too). You’ll also be more organized too if you keep it up. Good Luck

  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 28, 2018

    How did ya get them?????????

  • Mary Watson Mary Watson on Oct 29, 2018

    We used RAID bombs last summer in conjunction with baits that also have a retardent to stop the breeding -- see roaches with wrinkled wings then you know the have been eaten the stuff and it is working. That said it was to no avail, yes it worked but both neighbors bombed also and they all have moved to my house out came the baits once more and hopefully when hot weather rolls around again they may be managed easier cause it will be bomb time again.

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