Four Home Made DIY Farmhouse Ornaments

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I have a confession to make: I wasn’t actually going to do a tree this year. The tree and ornaments I have are all about 15 years old and have seen far better days. And, after that much time, my taste and everything have also changed considerably.My old tree was white with lots of great old decorations we purchased from Walmart complete with really cool BLACK snowflakes!

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
But that’s just not my style anymore.And, with how crazy my life was this summer, honestly, I was just planning on skipping it.

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments

But then the holidays started coming around and then there’s also the fact that I’m a blogger and not posting about my Christmas tree would be sacrilege.

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
But, mostly, it turned out I WANTED a tree.I wanted a little holiday decorating just for me in Grandma’s house. I have always LOVED holidays and birthdays and anything that brings people together so, really, who was I kidding when I thought I would skip the tree?!But if I was going to be putting up a tree then it was going to have to be totally me and Grandma’s house!

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
So, that meant, it was time to start over.All of the decorations and ornaments just had to be totally DIY and home made. (Not to mention I ended up buying a whole new tree too – can’t wait to show you guys – it is ADORABLE.)I got to work coming up with some ornament ideas I could make myself.

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
My first attempt started with my grabbing my bag of leftover pine cones from  my wreath project.First I added hangers to them using the same wire I used on my wreaths and, while I was add it, I also added wire hangers to my mason jar lids as well. 

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
(Watch it any cut wire is dang sharp – I shed a lot of blood for this project lol)I don’t have a real big tree so I only did thirty pine cone ornaments all together. I dusted all of them with aluminum mirror spray paint that I had  leftover from a lamp project.With my pine cones and mason jar lids ready to hang I got to work figuring out some other ideas.I love bows so I purchased myself some red ribbon as well as some burlap ribbon and I also had my heart just set on using clothes pins somehow.

four home made diy farmhouse ornaments
I made the red bows by simply looping and fluffing them as I went and then I secured them with my clothes pins. I made several bows of the red but the burlap was just too stiff to make small bows out of.So, I decided to make a very simple little angel. I love them!I had planned on spray painting the galvanized mason jar lids with the snowflake cutouts but they were too cute just as they were!

Suggested materials:

  • Wire  (Amazon)
  • Needle nose Pliars  (Amazon)
  • Red Ribbon  (Amazon)
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  • William
    on Nov 30, 2018

    That is SOOO cute and lovely. I wasn't going to put a tree up either. But my daughter and granddaughter moved in with me. My daughter has three trees, tons of decorations, and she's putting some up. I'm giving her carte blanche. Love your ideas!

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