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Asked 2 days ago

How do I makeover this buffet?

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Hello Everyone,I'm just looking to get some opinions and feedback on my mid century buffet turned bookcase/cabinet that I am going to sell. A lot of makeover pictures show painting the outside cavity of the piece and leaving the inside the original stain. I painted the outside cavity black and left the doors and inside the original stain as it is in good shape. I'm getting varied feedback from friends though, some thinking I should also paint the inside. Should I paint the doors and the inside?Also, what does everyone think about the back retro paper I put in. Yay or nay? I also added legs to elevate it a bit.Looking forward to everyone's feedback .. thank you :)

q opinions please
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  • Janerose
    2 days ago

    I really do like the work you put into it. adding the legs and the paper background. If someone is unsure of the paper s/b easy enough to change it up for their own taste...didn't realize it even had daughter did something similar and took the doors off...she did save them in case she wants to re-use them.

  • My vote is to keep it as is. Looks quite fetching and anyone that likes mid-century modern will love this.

  • Dwp7470b
    2 days ago

    It looks great! Don't undersell yourself. Get $$$ that you can.

    • Lisa
      2 days ago

      wow! That was way over my thought. I was thinking $150. I understand what you're saying .. I was underselling myself. Thank you so much for your advice. :) Wait till you see the "buffet" part of the hutch. I'll post it tomorrow when I finish. Very interested in your opinion :)

  • Looks nice GOOOOOOOD JOB!

  • Gk
    2 days ago

    I would leave it as is! It looks great! I love the paper in the back! You will find buyers who love it the way it is and will buy it and then there will be others who wrinkle their nose up at it and walk away! You have discovered that by just showing it to your friends! Every one has a different preference in what they will purchase for their home. I have made/repurposed things that I personally thought came out so ugly and believed would never sell but surprisingly (to me) sold very quickly in the early minutes/hours of craft shows!

  • Carolyn Pope
    18 hours ago

    Change the back walls. Try iridescent stones. You can get them at most discount stores. When the light hits them you'll get a brilliant glow. Paint the wood a contrasting color.

  • Michelle
    10 hours ago

    Looks great As it is and I hope you get the asking price

  • Looks good just like that! The makeover you’ve given to it is a good one, and I bet you’ll find just the right buyer.

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