Asked on Apr 7, 2019

How to get rid of fleas?

MiaNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAEverything Pretty


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  • Anita
    on Apr 7, 2019

    Say by bugs kills fleas, it's primarily used for bedbugs which is a member of the flea family.

    It kills anything with an exoskeleton, and it kills on contact. But is safe to use in your home and around childern and pets.

  • A dusting of cornstarch rubbed into a dogs hair. With essential oils use peppermint. Works for worming dogs too.

    • Be careful with the essential oils and pets. Many can be extremely toxic to animals, especially birds. Check with your vet first. Most of the vets in my area have warnings on their websites after the essential oil craze started.

  • Everything Pretty
    on Apr 7, 2019

    After a horrible flea problem several years ago (it was so bad in my area, people who didn't have pets had flea infestations!), I give my dogs and cats Comfortis. It's a monthly pill that kills fleas. Nothing else worked as well as Comfortis.

  • Getting rid of fleas is a process. I have a few senior pets that can't be given medication. You also need to clean your home and pet beds as well as your yard. Here are some sites to help you out.

    I also spray the perimeter of my property and base of my house once a month sith white vinegar. Needs to be repeated after any rain event. It does help!

  • Mia
    on Apr 7, 2019

    I'd been frustrated for years with available flea control products for a long time, because it seemed like one season something would be effective, but then the following spring would roll around and that solution wouldn't work anymore (assuming that the fleas evolve and become resistant). Then I ran across a one-two punch that now works for our cats and dogs every single time, after about 7 years or so. There are two medications involved - one for killing adult fleas, and one for controlling any eggs that are around. Nitenpyram kills the adult fleas(there's a brand called Capstar that uses this, but it's much cheaper if you go for generics). Once your pet takes a dose of Nitenpyram, the fleas start dropping off, dead, literally within 30 minutes or so. It's effective for a couple of days. To kill eggs/larvae, you can use Lufenuron once a month. Many times I've used just the Nitenpyram with excellent results and had no need for the Lufenuron, but if I see more fleas showing up a couple of days after the Nitenpyram dose, then I use the Lufenuron, up to once a month. A good place I've found to order these meds is They're nice people and they have very reasonable prices.

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