Asked on Dec 13, 2019

How do I kill ants?

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  • Gk
    on Dec 13, 2019

    Step on them!

    If the ants are inside I find that Terro ant killer works great. They are a few different options for placing it in your home.

    If the ants are outside you have to take into consideration what kind of ants you are dealing with and go from there. Some things work for some ants but not for others.

    Good Luck finding the solution that works for you Tricia!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Dec 13, 2019

    Diatomaceous Earth if they are around your house or inside.

    Outside you can mix 2 ant hills and they will kill each other. Poke a hole in the mound and pour boiling water down the hole is another way.

  • Betsy
    on Dec 13, 2019

    Hi Tricia: This is what I used for my ant problem, it may work for you, too.

    Make a mix of 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 powdered sugar. Mix well and put around the spots they are in your garden, or inside your home, it's harmless to people and pets. For outside use, you can put it in a bottle, like a pill bottle or something like that. Cut a hole on the edge of the cap, and lay the bottle on it's side so the ants can come in and get the mix. This way, it stays dry if it should rain. They will take it back to the nest and it should kill them. I'd keep it out there all season if you can. The mix makes a gas and the ants can't pass gas, so it kills them. Anything else that eats it will just taste the baking soda and say "Yuck" and walk off. It won't hurt anything that can pass gas, so it's completely safe. It helps to know what type of ant you are trying to get rid of, too. Try this site, scrolling down to see the different types of ants and how to deal with them.

    Good luck.

  • 48528995
    on Dec 13, 2019

    Sprinkle cinnamon around to deter them.

  • Mogie
    on Dec 13, 2019


  • I use Terro.

  • Hi Tricia - Those little buggers are relentless, aren't they?!? This is the most effective method and all-natural spray DIY that we use with ants. It's best indoors, but will also work outside with more frequent applications. It's even been featured on Hometalk! Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

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  • Debbie/Dragonfly Treasure
    on Dec 14, 2019

    I use packaged cornbread mix that says it is sweetened and put it where they are. They will take it to the mound, everyone will eat it and die, they can't digest the cornmeal, but will take it because it is sweetened. Little goes a long way.

    I read this from : Itsmemic

    Medicated powder from the Dollar Tree. It has eucalyptus in it...menthol...I puff it around my homes foundation..and inside under my birdcages in the cracks under moldings. Work immediately and they never come back. I do this at the first sign of one day..GONE. The powder is in a very large container and lasts quite awhile too !! And smells great !

    Not toxic to my birds OR dog

  • 4637385
    on Dec 17, 2019
  • Em
    on Dec 20, 2019

    Opti gel ant bait. Will be gone in 24 hours. Get it on Amazon. Don't put around pets. A few drops of gel in the path of the ants and they take it back to the queen. All of the sprays and concoctions people make only kill the worker ants you can see. You have to kill the colony and the queen or they will just move to another spot.

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