How do you clean an expensive embroidery chair delicately?


I got flooded in Hurricane Harvey. I only have one piece of furniture I'm emotionally attached to, and it is very special to me. Unfortunatly, it got a little flood waters on the lower edge of the bottom ONLY, but the seat cushion was removed. Again, the back, arms and seat cushion did not get flood water...only a small piece of embroidery in the front that the seat cushion sets on.

This was an expensive Queen Ann type chair that had high-end embroidery outdoor scene on the seat back, wings, arms and down seat cushion.The back velvet part had to be torn out due to wicking of water into the cotton batting and to let it dry. I salvaged the seat cusion and had it cleaned. Looks great. The chair was sent to the furniture refinishing guy. I left it with other furniture, while I decided what color of backing to buy. Unfortunately, when I picked-up some other furniture, I saw the chair was not covered and now was full of dust. The beautiful chair is now grey with engrained dust....while the seat cushion is stunningly beautiful greens, dark teal, peach and yellow.

I don't know what to do, or how to clean it without damaging the embroidery. I've tried vaccuuming it, but it is not enough. HELP!! This was my Centerpiece furniture, the one piece I ALWAYS decorated the room around. And now I'm scared to take it to another furniture repair place.

I need help and suggestions that won't damage the embroidery while getting the dust out and bring the color back.

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