Bugs In Kitchen Sink


I have had these little tiny bugs in my kitchen sink and a few on the counter off and on for about 4 days. I thought they were drain flies. I don't see them coming up from the drain and I can't see where they are coming from. They just appear in the afternoon while it is still light outside and at night. This sink is a farm sink with a disposal. We just replaced the disposal 2 months ago but took the trap off today to see if we could find any debris and there was none. I also put disposal cleaner in it that foams to clean it out. The bugs still showed back up. I then put an enzyme cleaner in it overnight with the bugs coming back again. Next I put baking soda, salt, and vinegar to foam up and left it over night and then flushing with very hot water. Last night I sprayed the sink and counter with bug poison and there were a few dead ones in the sink this morning but then a couple of live ones also. This afternoon they are back again. Does anyone have any ideas? I just can't figure out what they are and how to get rid of them. I have had vegetables from my local farmer in my kitchen and wonder if they came from them. I most likely will have to call my pest control company to help me with this issue but thought I would try the Hometalk readers for ideas. They are much smaller than that look in my picture below. Thank you for any information you can provide.

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