Asked on Nov 15, 2020

Does this look serious?

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Help is this a major problem in my garage?

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  • Mogie
    on Nov 15, 2020

    I am guessing that since the pipes are copper these are water lines? Did you just buy the house? If it was me and I wasn't certain and experienced dealing with this I would hire a pro to come in and look at this.

    There appears to be what looks like an electrical line in the bottom right corner. Electricity and water are not a good combo.

  • I see 3 things. First water pipes and electrical wiring should not be this close to one another. Second, it looks like someone tried to insulate the water pipes, but if the entire pipe isn't insulated, you may still have problems. The third thing I see is a crack in the floor that extends up the brick wall. I would get a professional in to assess what needs to be done.

  • It depends what utilities are concerned. At first blush, looks like many other houses. However if it gets cold and snows where you live and there is water in any of those pipes and no insulation in the garage, the pipes could freeze. Here location and climate makes a difference. If it were my house, I would follow each of them from point of entry to your house / garage or from service provider to home and label them for future reference. Another option would be to call your local city or county building permit office. Many provide a free quick inspection (gas and electric companies do as well), and they will tell you whether this is to code or not and make suggestions on how to repair. However they may not recommend specific service companies to do this. It will be up to you, the homeowner, to hire licensed professionals to make any changes, then have reinspected.

    Is this a new to you home? If so, what did the home inspection report say?

  • Em
    on Nov 15, 2020

    Many problems. Too many 90 degree bends, copper only partially insulated and that is the reason the insulation IS on there to keep the pipes from freezing in a cold garage. The electric lines should be rerouted to FAR above the copper lines not below. Call an electrician and a plumber and get both fixed.

  • Betsy
    on Nov 15, 2020

    Hi Michelle: If you just bought this house, I'd have the inspector come back and inspect it. Also, you can have the city inspector come and take a peek at it and tell you what, if anything, you need to do. To me, they look like way too small water pipes. Good luck

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Nov 15, 2020

    Hi Michelle, you may want to look into getting the floor lifted, depending on the age of the structure, it may not be any problem, looks like it has been that way for years, you could get an inspector in to check it out just to be safe

  • Ken Erickson
    Ken Erickson
    on Nov 15, 2020

    A major problem exists at the cracked concrete floor and cracks at the brick joints. There may be major problems behind those locations. Electrical wires are exposed instead being contained in the runners.

  • William
    on Nov 15, 2020

    It looks like there was an opening in the wall and someone covered it with bricks. Not a good mason job. I assume it was closed off to run the waterlines and electrical. The copper pipes need to be insulated. The electrical below the pipes should be removed in case of water leaks. The crack in the floor migrates to the "added" mortar joint up the wall. Could cause water infiltration.

  • Redcatcec
    on Nov 15, 2020

    Well, at first review I did not see the water on the floor, so sorry, my mistake. From the bottom up it looks like a cut line through the bricks, maybe closing in a door.

    Wondering where the water is coming from...either from the corner or to the left of it, there is a leak..

    The copper pipes look like they have a foam barrier, we have these in our house...helps with cold, hot condensation and not a major worry, it is explainable when hot and cold meet.

    In your circumstance, the wetness should not be in-between any 2 electrical components.

    You need professional help with this. You should bring in a pro to evaluate what is going on with your garage.

  • Janice
    on Nov 16, 2020

    I wouldn't be comfortable with the situation and would call someone much more knowledgeable to assure me of the safety of all you have going on. Best case it has been rigged and not in the best way; Worse case it has been rigged and is not safe nor efficient. Either way, I'd have it checked out soon.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Nov 16, 2020

    If referring to the cracks, you can have a foundation company come out and take a look. Most don't charge anything for a consult.

    As for the pipes and electrical, you should definitely have this moved. This must have been done either pre-code or without an inspection because it would never pass.

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H
    on Nov 16, 2020

    Hi! I agree with the others, this could be dangerous. Get an electrician in as soon as possible. You should cut off the power to those outlets to prevent someone getting a shock. Good luck!

  • Catherine Deirdre Rodden
    Catherine Deirdre Rodden
    on Nov 16, 2020

    Short answer is YES, this is a problem. I agree with everyone else worried about the piping but I'd be concerned with the cracks in both the wall and flooring. The entire corner looks like it is sinking. A structural engineer may be needed to assess if it is something that even can be repaired.

    If you have not purchased this house yet -- don't!

  • Agnes Chrzanowska
    Agnes Chrzanowska
    on Nov 30, 2020

    what do you mean ?

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