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RedcatcecCynthia HWilliam


Had a new roof installed on 11-6-2020.

I am concerned about the wave/hump at the valley and the exposed nail heads under a window.

See photos. Should I be concerned?

Please advise.

Roof Valley


Exsposed Nail Heads

Exposed nail heads

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  • You should contact the company that did the job for a consultation.

  • Chloe Crabtree
    Chloe Crabtree
    7 days ago

    Yes. You need to have them come back, that is not good.

  • Seth
    6 days ago

    Was the new roof laid over the old one or was the old one stripped off? The hump is definitely odd, but may be some type of membrane they used to cover the valley before shingling. It should not be that pronounced unless that's the way your roof sheathing is for some reason. A different picture of the nail head area, not so close, would be helpful to see how the drip edge is incorporated. Generally there would be no reason to leave a nail head exposed like that. The starter course would be covered by another course hiding those nail heads. Even if it was a mistake, they should be sealed with roofing tar.

  • William
    2 days ago

    Call them back. That hump may be a bad patch in the sheathing or flashing not laying flat. The nail heads should have been covered with roofing tar. They need to correct the problems

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H
    2 days ago

    Hi! I agree with the others. If you can't get the contractor to make corrections, I would have a licensed roofing contractor take a look at it. Take lots of pictures before making any repairs. The housing inspector may need to be involved {inquire who to call where you obtained the permit). I had a neighbor who had siding poorly installed by a contractor who didn't know what he was doing (his recommendations online were fake). The inspector reported the shoddy work to the state, and provided documentation for legal action. It hasn't been a fast process unfortunately. Good luck!

  • Redcatcec

    Call them back and explain your problems with their work, give them a chance to fix the problems. If they offer no resolution take them to where their license was issued. They have to comply or their license will be revoked. Cynthia has a good course of action to follow. Document everything, but first re-read your contract to make sure you have any loophole covered, to your benefit and your roofers.

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