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Cleaning with Vinegar

I used to use vinegar just for taking the sting our of my sunburn, but now that I am an adult (and wear sunscreen) I love using vinegar to clean everything! I have recently have ditched the rest of my cleaning supplies and made up a few formulas of vinegar cleaners, including some lemon scented ones!
With just some cleaning vinegar, water, and a spray bottle, there is a world of possibilities to clean naturally and economically. Add in some essential oils for a different scent and also mix it with baking soda for a scrubber!
Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.504main.com/2012/09/how-i-clean-naturally-with-heinzvinegar.html

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    on Sep 30, 2012

    A couple of years ago Heloise was on TV and said she asked Good Housekeeping to test vinegar and they reported it removed 95% of the mold and germs! It is also good for removing that grass that grows outside between the pavement and gutter of the street! I do not like soy sauce, but I keep a bottle in the frig to put on minor burns. I have not tried it on sunburn because I use so much sunscreen these days! I wonder if it would work there too?

    • Terry Casna
      Terry Casna
      on Oct 23, 2017

      Ketchup or a slice of a tomato will be better for a burn or sunburn and no blisters. Wrap a piece of gause or a paper towel around it to hold in place .Change a few times.My family remedy from our great grandma.No soy sauce.

  • Stephanie Fudge
    Stephanie Fudge Marion, IA
    on Feb 8, 2018

    If you get a cut put sugar on it. It won't sting and it helps clot the bleeding.

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