How I Repurposed a Reclaimed Light Fixture and Turned it Into This

I was doing a kitchen remodel and wanted a unique - one of a kind light fixture above my dining room table. I love old lanterns and wanted to carry the same theme.
A $10 light fixture from the ReStore and 3 lantern cages from Hobby Lobby (purchased at 50% off for about $9.00 each)
Make sure when you purchase the light fixture, you find one with the screw in shade attachment. This allows you to easily attach the lantern top to the fixture.
Notice in the first picture the lanterns had a little "stack" extension. I cut those off and used tin snips to cut a round circle large enough to fit over the light bulb casing. The screw on shade attachment was large enough to cover any uneven cut. I did this "dry-fit" before painting the fixture.
I spray painted the fixture a deep red. Because of the red accents in my kitchen and the red brick fireplace wall at the end of my dinning room, I wanted the fixture to show red, but not be over powering. Tape off any exposed wiring.
I wanted to distress the red color so I just used regular oil paint (the kind in a tube that artists use) and brushed it on, using a clean brush and rag to wipe off the excess to my liking.
I let the oil paint dry over night then attached the 3 lantern cages using the outer bulb casing shade attachment.
I was very lucky in finding a fixture that fit the contour of the lantern top. I added the filament bulbs for character. I love how it turned out!!!! And the color was just as I had hoped for.
And one last picture of the over-all look. Total cost including the expensive bulbs was just over $50.00 - for a very unique custom lighting fixture.
Still have the door casing and base molding to finish up on our kitchen remodel. Does it ever end??

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